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Yes, ‘The Good Nurse’ is a real person, and her name is Amy Loughren


Who is the real “good nurse”, Amy Loughren?Ian West – PA Pictures – Getty Images

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Whereas The good nurse tells the chilling saga of the serial killer Charles Cullenits title actually refers to the other nurse in the story, Amy Loughren. She worked side-by-side with Cullen at Somerset Medical Center in Somerville, New Jersey and went undercover to lead to his real-life arrest. The couple were actually close friends, working many nights together in the facility’s intensive care unit. In the film, Loughren is played by Jessica Chastain and Cullen by Eddie Redmayne.

Who is the real woman behind the true dramatization of the crime? Here is the real story of Amy Loughren.

Who is Amy Loughren?

While working in Somerset, Loughren was a single mother of two children. She suffered from cardiomyopathy, which eventually required her to wear a pacemaker. However, she did not disclose her illness at work for fear of losing her well-paying job, according to Slate. Loughren was so close to Cullen that he even helped her through debilitating episodes during her shift that left her breathless and incapacitated. She said People of their former friendship, “He was funny. We immediately bonded and became friends.

How did Amy Loughren find out that Charles Cullen was murdering patients?

Loughren was approached by investigators who had suspicions about the number of deaths in Somerset in relation to Cullen. The problem came to a head following the death of a Reverend named Florian Gall, who was being treated at the facility and had shown signs of improvement. When Gall surprisingly died of a massive heart attack, his autopsy revealed a lethal dose of digoxin in his body. In small doses, digoxin can help with heart problems, but Cullen administered lethal doses to patients, resulting in their deaths.

When Loughren saw paperwork listing the drugs Cullen was ordering, she knew something was wrong. “There have been so many withdrawals of deadly drugs that you would only order if you wanted to kill someone,” she said. Told SCS at the time.

How did Loughren get Cullen to confess?

Detectives have Loughren wear a wire and try to extract information from her former friend. But in an interview with Glamor United Kingdomshe said that was a problem when they discovered her pacemaker.

“I was scared to death,” she said. “It was terrifying to come in, especially when they wired me, saw my scar from a recent pacemaker implantation and the detective said ‘no, we can’t put that wire on you.’ I said, ‘Yeah, you can. I’m a cardiac nurse, I know it’ll be fine. He went to his colleague and they talked about shutting it down, so I had to tell them. The truth is I I didn’t know how it would affect my heart, but I knew I had to go out there and get that confession. Maybe I was determined, not brave.

The pair met at a restaurant and Loughren, with a wire, got enough information for Cullen to be arrested on probable cause. He eventually confessed to 40 murders, although it is suspected that he killed many more people in his custody. He is currently serving 17 consecutive life sentences.

Did Loughren and Cullen stay in touch after his arrest?

Before Cullen realized that Loughren had turned on him, they were still exchanging letters. She even visited him in prison.

“When he found out I worked for the New Jersey State Department, that was the last time he answered my letters,” she said. said. “So far, I’ve seen him in prison maybe dozens of times. I really wanted to know if I accidentally hurt anyone and wanted answers and closure. I think I wanted to deny he was a hitman, I wanted to make sure whoever my friend Charlie was, he wasn’t around.

cullen had claims that he put his “very sick” victims out of their misery, but many of them did not have terminal conditions. The method and the drugs he used “were terrifying and paralyzing so he could take them out of their sedation, wake them up, give them a paralytic and watch them struggle to breathe,” Loughren said. Glamor United Kingdom. Loughren says she never got the answers she wanted from Cullen, but she did come to understand “how charismatic he was and how easy it was to be drawn in.”

She added: “It was a process to be able to forgive myself for not having seen it.”

Where is Amy Loughren now?

Loughren says on his website that she is now “Reiki Master, Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Meditation Instructor, DreamSculptor Practitioner, Reconnective Healer, Integrative Energy Healer, Past Life Regressionist, Crystal Language Reader, Medical Intuitive, and has learned “the work” of Byron Katie”.

She currently lives in Florida with her family and has been active in promoting The good nurse alongside stars Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne.

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Loughren with Jessica Chastain at good nurse premiere in London. Ian West – PA Pictures – Getty Images

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