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World Yacht Charter Agency & Development Framework Report 2022: Positioning Framework, Business Models, Profiles, Distribution – ResearchAndMarkets.com


DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “Types of Yacht Charter Agencies and Development Framework 2022 – Extensive Market Report and Expert Analysis” report has been added to from ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

This Yacht Charter market report is quite unique and goes far beyond the usual market reports in this industry. First of all, it has been prepared by genuine experts in the yacht charter industry, which means that extensive insider know-how has been incorporated.

Second, the content of the report goes much further than the usual standardized list of single numbers. Each section of the report is explained in detail in the context of the real industry and its common practices. Hence, readers can gain a quantitative and qualitative understanding of the yacht charter industry, including market structure, processes, specifics, and dynamics.

As such, this report is indispensable for anyone considering entering the yacht charter industry and/or pursuing new developments or projects in this sector. Indeed, both newcomers and existing players can benefit immensely from the results of this unique research.

Thirdly, this market report contains real primary data from an extensive international questionnaire survey of yacht charter agencies – this is the largest survey of its kind ever conducted in this market! In particular, the author conducted scientific research using a specially designed questionnaire that collected responses from 166 yacht charter companies operating in 43 countries around the world.

To complement this method, an in-depth content analysis was also carried out on a larger population of nearly 1,000 yacht charter agencies from over 50 countries and 5 continents.


Current and potential participants in the following industries: tourism, nautical tourism, boating, yachting, maritime tourism, other maritime activities, shipbuilding, marina management or any related industry. Consultants and investors in these industries. Potential suppliers, partners or other stakeholders of these industries.


  • Compiled by real yacht charter experts

  • Based on the world’s largest primary research into the yacht charter industry

  • Provides in-depth information on the yacht charter industry

  • Discover the specificities and real trends of the market

  • Includes topics that go far beyond common market reports

  • Table and graph results are contextually explained by industry experts

  • Contains useful tools for decision making in the yacht charter industry

Main topics covered:

1. Summary

2. Presentation

  • The single market report

  • What is the key information in this report?

3. Scope and research methods

  • Research steps

  • Steps 1-2: Research preparation

  • Steps 3-5: Performing the search

  • Further information

4. Global Yacht Charter Overview

  • Yachts and yacht charter

  • Main types of charters

  • Main types of yachts

  • Sailboat rental

  • Motor yacht charter

  • Catamaran rental

  • Charter Gulets

5. Major Players of the Yacht Charter Market

  • Charter fleet operators

  • Yacht charter agencies

  • Central reservation systems

  • Number of reservation systems used

  • Types of reservation systems used

6. Overview of yacht charter agencies

  • Specialization of yacht charter agencies

  • Size of yacht charter agencies

  • Size of yacht charter agencies by number of employees

  • Size of yacht charter agencies by number of bookings

  • Age of yacht charter agencies

  • Age Vs. Size Yacht Charter Agencies

  • Common Business Processes of Yacht Charter Agencies

  • Concentration of yacht charter agencies

  • Competitiveness of yacht charter agencies

  • Profitability of yacht charter agencies

7. Worldwide distribution of yacht charter agencies

  • Number of yacht charter agencies by region

  • Leading region drivers

  • Yacht charter agencies in Europe

  • Main European countries with yacht charter agencies

  • Yacht charter agencies in the Americas

  • Regional distribution of yacht charter agencies in the Americas

  • Yacht Charter Agencies in Asia

  • Yacht charter agencies in the Pacific region

  • Learn more about charter agency locations

  • Regional Development Scenarios

8. Types of Yacht Charter Agencies

  • Criteria for differentiating yacht charter agencies

  • Main types of yacht charter agencies

  • Types by main activity

  • Share of major yacht charter agencies worldwide

  • Main yacht charter agencies by region

  • Types by customer value

  • Share of luxury yacht charter agencies worldwide

  • Luxury yacht charter agencies by region

  • Types by customer location

  • Types by Business Model Purpose

  • Prevalence of digital business models

  • Focus on business model versus customer segments

  • Types by business model logic

  • Share of P2P yacht charter agencies worldwide

  • P2P yacht charter agencies by region

  • Types by level of specialization

  • Types by Charter Destinations

  • Types by boats offered

  • Types by rental duration

  • Types by scope

  • Types by special products

  • Prevalence of special products

  • Types by additional services

  • Prevalence of additional nautical services

  • Prevalence of additional non-nautical services

  • Types by brand approach

  • Prevalence of several yacht charter brands

  • Types by mode of financing

  • Yacht charter agencies with external financing

  • Overview of criteria and types

9. Positioning framework of the yacht charter agency

  • Presentation of the framework

  • How to use the frame

  • Agency benchmarking options

  • Positioning and development of the agency

  • Repositioning of the company

  • Locating potential improvements

10. Advantages and disadvantages of selected business models

  • Advantages and disadvantages of platform models

  • Advantages and disadvantages of specialization

  • Advantages and disadvantages of several brands

  • Advantages and disadvantages of additional services

11. Interesting profiles, features and examples

  • Example 1: High success with the flotilla concept

  • Example 2: Regatta agency concept

  • Example 3: Personal contact agencies

  • Example 4: Hybrid P2P platforms

  • Example 5: Pure P2P Models

  • Example 6: Universal Digital Yacht Charter Agencies

  • Example 7: Full-Service Luxury Yachting Agencies

12. New types of emerging agencies

13. Key trends and opportunities

Companies cited

  • 12 knots

  • 2Yachts

  • small boat

  • BoatOffice

  • Boatflex

  • boat builder

  • Borrow a boat

  • Bourgeois

  • Camper & Nicholsons

  • Click&Ship

  • Fraser Yachts

  • GetBoat

  • GetMyBoat

  • GlobeSailor

  • nautical

  • Northrop & Johnson

  • Sailo

  • Sailology

  • SamBoat

  • SkipperMyBoat

  • Yacht week

  • Yachtico

  • Zizooboats

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