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Winnie the Pooh’s cabin for rent in this ‘Bearbnb’


(CNN) – If your childhood dream was to live like Winnie the Pooh, now is your chance to make it come true by staying in a Bear Treehouse replica.

Pooh illustrator Kim Raymond is hosting two overnight stays at the custom-built “Bearbnb” on the actual site that inspired the fictional Hundred Acre Wood in England to celebrate the 95th anniversary of Pooh’s creation by the writer AA Milne.

“The ‘Bearbnb’ is a unique experience that brings the charm of Pooh to life for fans, while honoring the original adventures that have been so important to so many for 95 years,” Raymond said in a statement. Airbnb outlet.

Illustrator Kim Raymond said he used EH Shepard’s original designs to design the house.

Henry Woide / Airbnb

The house is a room that appears to be built into a tree, with Mr. Sanders’ sign above the door on the outside and “honeypots” in the cupboard inside.

Guests will visit the area of ​​Ashdown Forest in East Sussex which inspired the wooden decor of the books. Airbnb announcement.
Guests will be served "meals inspired by gluttony," says Airbnb.

Guests will be served “granny-inspired meals,” Airbnb said.

Henry Woide / Airbnb

Raymond, who illustrated Winnie the Pooh for 30 years, said he drew on original depictions from EH Shepard’s books to design the house and its interior.

The house sleeps four, with a double bed and two smaller bunk beds above it, according to the listing.

"Hands should be kept out of jars of honey," the state of the house rules.

“Hands should be kept away from jars of honey,” state house rules.

Henry Woide / Airbnb

House rules allow “multiple naps” and encourage “a little something” snacks at 11 a.m., when Pooh took his refreshment. “Poohsticks” are mandatory and “strictly no heffalumps” are allowed in the house.

The house will be for rent on September 24th and 25th for approximately $ 130 per night. Airbnb reviews will be used to rate renters for each night, the release said.

Unfortunately, for those outside the UK, only UK residents will be able to book, starting September 20, the statement said.


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