What Loans for Municipal Employees are Available?

We will detail below some of the loan options especially designed for municipal employees:

The Bank offers personal loans with a fixed rate for those who work for the municipality.

It is a loan that is easy to take out, agile and requires minimum requirements. It is addressed to all employees of the public administration of the nation, provinces and municipalities, also employees who are part of the private sector and beneficiaries of the ANSES. Everyone must receive the salaries through the Banco Provincia to access these financing options.

For those who work for the Municipal, Provincial or National Public Administration, they will have access to:

◖◗ Loans with a maximum available of $ 300,000

◖◗ The return period will be up to 36 months, that is 36 monthly payments

◖◗ Interest rates and CFT can be consulted directly through the Banco Provincia website.

For those who are beneficiaries, in the Province of Buenos Aires, Social Security may access:

Loans of up to $ 300,000

◖◗ Maximum amount of available installments 36, to be paid monthly.

◖◗ Both the interest rate and the CFT can consult it through the Bank’s website.

For those beneficiaries of the Anses loans may have loans:

◖◗ Up to $ 300,000

◖◗ 36 installments available for return

For more questions and inquiries, please contact the Banco Provincia help center by calling 0810 222 2776

The branches are spread over the City and Greater Buenos Aires, some of them are:

What the bank is looking for is to bring employees closer to their dreams , by accessing a loan that has neither garments nor mortgages and the best conditions for hiring personal loans. It is a financing in pesos, with very convenient interest rates for the user, less time to be granted and with minimum requirements.

Characteristics of Personal Loans

Characteristics of Personal Loans

◈ The maximum amount available is $ 500,000

◈ The interested party will get up to 60 monthly installments to pay to return it

◈ The rate remains fixed

◈ It is accredited the same day

◈ The requirements are minimal, we will see below:

◈ It is necessary to have one year of seniority if the person works in a dependency relationship. 6 months are enough for those who are monotributistas (being the seniority in the same category) counting on a year of being enrolled

◈ The DNI and a photocopy of it must be presented

◈ An original tax or service in your name, plus a photocopy

◈ Proof of income

For those who work in a dependency relationship, they must also:

◈ Approach with the last 3 salary receipts

◈ A certificate stating that dependency relationship and mentioning the position, the salary they receive, their CUIL and seniority

Monotributistas must:

◈ Present also the last 3 payments of your monotributo

◈ Self-employed workers must:

◈ Present the last DDJJ

◈ The last payment of income tax and personal assets, if applicable

◈ The last 6 gross income payments or VAT

Benefits of the personal loans

Benefits of the personal loans

◉ It can be used to buy a car, change the old one, make repairs and remodeling in the house, pay for a dream trip, a course of studies, among other options.

◉ The loans are credited and then the user should not do anything else, the fees will be automatically debited from the savings account

◉ The fees can be advanced or canceled when desired.

◉ It can be requested at any branch of the bank, to know where they are can enter the web and click on “Branches”. There you can find the one closest to your home.

The Bank also offers another differential advantage, loans can also be obtained through electronic channels:

Through the network of ATMs of the Bank and Home Banking can access quickly, safely and easily to an instant loan

Some $ 50,000 will be available on the spot that can be paid up to 60 installments.

To communicate with a representative or approach personally to get rid of doubts, you can do it to the following branches, or as we mentioned before, enter the web and look for the one closest to your home.

What should we take into account when taking out a loan?

What should we take into account when taking out a loan?

As there are so many options available, it is necessary to consider some aspects in order to be sure of choosing the correct option, such as:

 The interest rate offered by the loan

 Commissions charged for opening or cancellation, whether total or partial▻ Other extra expenses that can be charged

 The time and amortization period available, that is, how long we will have to return the money financed

 The amount of the monthly installments that we will have to pay. This will be determined to a greater extent by the APR and the time period that we have available.