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What is the Creative Marketplace and how is it different from Etsy?


Creative Market is an online marketplace focused on digital artists. Here you can find downloadable products created by creatives for creatives. It might seem limited, but with over four million listings there are plenty of products to inspire you to sell or to pique your interest as a customer.

In this article, we’ll give you an overview of Creative Market, including who can list, what you can sell, how to buy, and other features and benefits.

What is the creative market?

If you’re looking for a market that doesn’t deal with digital products after the fact, Creative Market is the place to be. Here your customers can easily browse and locate what they are looking to buy. In fact, the menus and the search bar are extremely intuitive.

Screenshot of a website layout with welcome message.

The site also helps you promote your work in a variety of ways, including a weekly giveaway roundup. Each week, the site organizes and offers a variety of products to help spotlight different designers, which you can pick up with a free account.

In the market, you will find a blog focused on topics related to design. Creators from 190 countries can also discuss topics related to the creative market or just mingle in the forum.


Best of all, you don’t have to be a salesperson, designer, or artist to sign up. Anyone interested is invited to create a Creative Market account to simply use the site.

Who can sell in the creative market?

You can’t sign up for a Creative Market store and start selling right away, like you can on eBay or Etsy. The site asks you to request an invitation by application.

While it might seem intimidating, he’s just looking for examples of your work in your current stores and wallet. Creative Market is looking for 10-20 high quality unique pieces in a portfolio you submit.

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The site wants to make sure that you are an individual creator, a real person, and that the work presented is your own. While not everyone gets approved the first time around, that doesn’t mean you can’t try again later once you have more samples.

Another thing to note is that there doesn’t appear to be any location limitations with Creative Market. While you might want to check out their FAQ section to see how taxes and payments would work in your country, stores aren’t just for US citizens.

Additionally, if you are a Dribbble Pro member, you can open a store without applying.

What can you sell in the creative market?

You will not find any physical product on Creative Market. If you want to sell clothing, jewelry, and home decor, Etsy is the place to be. People turn to Creative Market for unique design resources that they can add to their own work.

Screenshot of a website layout with three digital photos of products.

Think of fonts, templates, vector images, photos, and web themes. These are just a few of the products sold on Creative Market. You can create and list these resources for Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, Shopify, Instagram, etc.

Technically, when someone purchases an item from your store, they are purchasing a license to use it. These licenses allow your customer to use the asset as much as they want for personal use, just once for commercial use, or up to 500 times for a final product, which means they’re selling something. that it created using your assets. This way, there is no confusion as to who belongs.

To give you an idea of ​​what that looks like, the end user of your products would mostly be other creatives providing services or making physical products. However, business owners and hobbyists may also be interested in purchasing your products for presentations, crafts, and DIY projects around the home or office.

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You will also find a Print on Demand section that opens even more doors. Here you can sell anything from books and agendas to posters and printable backdrops.

While you can list almost anything, Creative Market restricts all NSFW content.

How to buy products from Creative Market

To buy from Creative Market, you must create a free account. As mentioned above, once you have purchased an item, you will receive both the download of the digital product and the license to use it.

Creative Marketplace Buying Screenshot

From a listing, you can purchase the product you want for the purchase price, plus a nominal platform fee, using your credit card or PayPal. In addition, you can use credits.

You can buy wholesale credits from Creative Market. They look a lot like gift cards that you buy for yourself. You can use credits to download multiple items at once and minimize the number of transactions on your credit card statement.

Where this would help is if you have a monthly budget for purchasing assets in stock. You can add the funds to your account and easily keep track of them. Creative Market also has deals if you get a lot of credits at once, stretching those funds a bit further.

More benefits and features of selling in the creative market

Creative Market allows you to set your own prices and invites you to participate in their promotions to provide limited discounts to customers. Although it is necessary to apply to open a store, there is no product approval by post.

Like Etsy, Creative Market gives you a suite of marketing tools like an analytical dashboard and instant messaging to answer questions and provide customer support. The site also has plenty of resources, tutorials, and an online community to help you out if you get stuck.

Additionally, the market may decide to promote your products through email, home page, staff picks, and other means.

Compare the Creative Marketplace to Etsy

While Creative Market focuses on digital downloads, you can also list them on Etsy. The main downside is that Etsy doesn’t have a specific category for things like fonts, vectors, and photos.

Screenshot of the website layout featuring a digital marketplace.

Digital downloads are apparently an afterthought on Etsy. However, it’s important to note that there are still stores that sell them incredibly well.

Etsy allows you to set up a store and start selling the same day, which is more welcoming. The downside is that giving anyone the option to list creates a more saturated environment in which competition can prioritize quantitative over quality.

In terms of visibility, Etsy also works to promote your products with offsite ads. To serve ads, Etsy essentially provides all of the listing information to a third-party site that uses an algorithm to match the listings to a potential customer’s search and profile information.

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The key thing to remember when registering in an online marketplace is that most of the marketing efforts fall on the store owner.

If you already have an Etsy store and want to start selling your digital assets on Creative Market, why not take a look? Even if you’re not currently selling but would like to, why not try both and compare? None of the sites lock you in exclusively.

The possibilities are endless with Creative Market

Creative Market is a great platform for designers, developers, artists, and photographers to sell digital assets and meet other designers. Since downloadable products are the primary focus, this is the most intuitive market for it.

However, which store environment is best for you may depend on your personal experience – and there is a lot to choose from among Creative Market and Etsy. So go out and try them out.

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