What are the Options for Loans for Public Employees?

Loans today are something demanded by the most varied sectors of society, who work in private areas, public employees, independent workers, retirees, pensioners, among others.

And is that having an extra money often allows us to achieve or meet those goals we set, whether studying a master or paying a course at the university, making a dream trip or a business trip, making changes or arrangements in the home, change the car, among so many other options.

And is that to meet those goals and dreams there are quick and easy to get money loans. Then there are other types of loans such as mortgages or pledges that require more requirements, documents and even though they are easy to obtain, they need more time in their constitution.

Here we will emphasize personal loans that are aimed at Public Employees . One of the banks that offers them is Banco Nación Argentina.

Nation Loans for Public Employees


Directed for both public employees of the nation and the province


 Once the user has canceled at least 30% of the loan and has shown a regular behavior in the payment of the monthly installments, he can renew it.

The fees will be automatically debited from the receipt of assets in the bank

Early or partial cancellation is possible

Who can access this loan?


Those employees of the National Public Administration who are natural persons.

◎ Those who work in the permanent plant must be at least 6 months old

◎ Temporary workers may take out a loan provided they are covered by decrees or a resolution of the Ministry of Economy and / or that orgasm where they provide their services. They must have one year of seniority in employment and an annual contract of validity, as well as those contracted. In both cases they must be able to be bound and must have a certain age so that the cancellation date of the loan does not exceed that established for retirement.

Employees and Magistrates of the Legislative and Judicial Power of the Provinces, employees of the Public Administration of the Province:

◎ Individuals

◎ Those who are part of the permanent plant must have a minimum of 6 months old

◎ Temporary staff (covered by a decree or resolution) and hired must have a minimum of 1 year of employment and a current annual contract.

In both cases, they must respect the maximum age established so that when the loan is finished, it is not higher than the one established to retire.


– The maximum amount available for employees of Provincial and National Public Adm. Will be $ 500,000


✗ For the Public Adm. Of the Nation: it will be for those Organizations that have some agreement of Payment of Loans and in the cases in which the employees receive their salaries through the salaries account

✗ For the Provincial Public Adm .: for those who have a Salary account

– The repayment terms are up to 60 installments

– The amortization system is “French”

– The impact of income will not exceed 30% of the monthly payment received. This percentage is based on the first installment to be paid on the loan, calculated for 30 days.

– The guarantees are not necessary, they are loans to single companies. However, the bank will perform a credit assessment and may request, in some cases, a co-signer.

Personal loan

Delivered in pesos

Free destination

For those employees who receive their salaries through the bank. A debit of the loan installment will be made in the account that is enabled to collect salaries

What are the benefits?

loan benefits


Once canceled, 30% of the fees can be renewed. It is necessary that they have a regular behavior in the payment of monthly payments and be up to date to access the renewal-

The fees will be deducted directly from the account, without having to worry or remember to pay them

Partial or full early cancellation is possible

Who can access?

◎ In all cases, they must have a certain age, so that when the loan ends, they do not exceed the amount expected to retire.

◎ They will be able to access employees hired and permanent staff that are regulated by the Framework Law of Public Employment of the nation

◎ Within the Public Administration , those that work as a temporary plant . Provided they are covered by a recreto or resolution of the Ministry of Economy or the agency where they are providing services.

◎ Hired by location of a service or who work in a dependency relationship and receive their salaries through the Bank

◎ Those persons who receive their salaries by accreditation of the National Payments System


– The maximum amount available is $ 10,000

– Those who receive their salaries at the bank but do not have an agreement to pay salaries may have access to up to $ 150,000

– Those who are clients of payment agreements of assets will have access to a maximum of $ 500,000

– The terms will be up to 36 or 60 installments depending on the position and place where they work.

– The impact of income is up to 30% of monthly income . Idem previous loan

– The guarantee will be for a single signature, and the bank may request a co-debtor or guarantor when deemed necessary.

To be able to compare and simulate these loans before hiring them, they will be able to use a tool offered by Banco Nación: it is a simple “Simulator” to use, they will have to complete a series of very short steps.

◇ Select the package or account that you currently have with the bank

◇ The amount they need or want to acquire

◇ The term in months for its return

◇ And “Simulate”