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Weird EV you can buy on Alibaba: Rearless electric car spotted for sale


Alibaba is no stranger to weird products like an electric sub that sold for $8,000. Now another strange vehicle has been spotted. This time it costs $2,300 and has everything a car needs except the rear.

Weird new vehicle spotted on Alibaba with no rear

According to Electrek’s story, Alibaba, China’s largest online shopping site, is usually no stranger to offering odd products. The publication cited different discoveries, including fun electric vehicles for sea or land.

Although some of the previous products found were considered odd because of what they added, a new EV was considered odd because of what the EV took away. The latest edition of Alibaba’s strange electric vehicles includes a rearless electric vehicle.

The four-wheeled vehicle has important components in the front

The four-wheel electric vehicle still had a front-located motor, a front-located tank, and most of the necessary electronics that were still front-located. What’s missing are the doors and everything most vehicles have in the back.

The vehicle skin extended from the front to the top without any doors or side skins. The EV showed a lot of resemblance to a golf cart, which also lacks side claddings.

The strange Alibaba EV is still considered a golf cart

To be fair, its headline listing also called the product a “domestic 4-wheel electric vehicle touring electric golf cart.” Although the four-wheeled vehicle is described as an electric golf cart, its images show vehicles driving and parking on ordinary roads or parking spaces.

According to its Alibaba listing, the EV is a three-seater that operates with left-hand drive and can be used for passenger transport. The vehicle will also not need users to know how to drive a shifter since the vehicle’s gearbox is automatic.

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Alibaba EV drops to 10mph after top golf cart speed

As for battery power, giving the four-wheeler six to eight hours of charge would translate to 60 to 100 km or around 37 to 62 miles. As for how fast the vehicle can go, drivers won’t be able to accelerate on the road since the four-wheeled vehicle is only capable of 25 mph, which is still more than the average 8-15 mph on regular golf carts according to The Golf News Net.

Due to its openness, the top speed of 25 mph will allow drivers and passengers to feel less airflow around them when driving on the road. According to Engadget, while the car may not fit an urban setting, it still has potential in an island community.

One of the major issues that drivers can encounter with this weird vehicle from Alibaba is when it’s raining. Since the car is open on all three sides except the front, there aren’t many ways to protect the driver and passengers from driving rain from all sides.

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