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Verte brings new life to the old Snapper building in McDonough

Aerial photo of the former Snapper building in McDonough (photo King Industrial Realty, Inc.).

The Atlanta-based Green Company has rented space in the old Snapper Building from McDonough. The supply chain business will bring new life to what was once Henry County’s largest private employer.

Verte will be the first long-term tenant since Briggs & Stratton closed the Snapper factory in early 2015. The oldest part of the building was built in 1947.


Verte is a cloud-based, AI-powered supply chain platform. The company enables brands and retailers – from small and medium to large enterprises – to expand and connect their online sales channels, automate product listing, inventory management and establish comprehensive business visibility. In addition, Verte offers a growing distribution network of partner warehouses. They offer two-day shipping to 95% of the United States.

The Snapper building will be Verte’s second location in McDonough. They also operate a facility in the Liberty Industrial Park. This location opened in 2019. It employs over 200 people.

Now Verte will revitalize the former Snapper factory located on Georgia 42. The move also creates 100 new jobs. Verte will begin operations at the new center in the second quarter of 2022. Those interested in employment opportunities can visit Verte’s website to learn more: https://projectverte.com/careers/


Snapper developed its “Snappin’ Turtle” lawn mower in 1951. Articles online suggest the factory employed up to 1,300 people at a time. Briggs & Stratton acquired the company in 2004. The Snapper brand remains available today, although it is no longer manufactured in Henry County.

Parts of this article are copied from the Development Authority press release. Featured image shows an aerial photo of the old Snapper Building. image copyrightKing Industrial Realty Co.

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