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Venture MLS Funds Styldod to Build AI Solutions for Multiple Listing Services


Venture MLS, the venture capital firm designed to serve brokers, agents and MLSs, has chosen Styldod to develop artificial intelligence solutions in real estate. The $1 million investment adds a new company to the Venture MLS I fund.

Styldod recently expanded its product line from virtual staging to AI. Its machine learning algorithms are already identifying and extracting information from property photos. Upcoming AI products will process, tag, and export this image data, saving agents time when downloading MLS listings.

Styldod is carving out a unique niche for itself through its relationships with the industry. As an MLS partner since its inception, Styldod can carefully adjust its AI to meet the needs of practitioners.

“We have already seen impressive results with Styldod,” said Art Carter, Venture MLS fund manager. “We believe their products can radically improve the way real estate professionals do business. This is exactly what we are looking for.

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Venture MLS will help generate revenue for Styldod by promoting its AI products to MLSs. This, combined with the cash investment, will give Styldod a rare advantage in the market.

“Styldod AI is the result of our deep passion and desire to use cutting-edge technologies to solve the most arcane problems in the real estate industry,” said Styldod’s CEO. Akilesh Majumdar. “We have spent nearly seven years producing a solution that enables businesses and agents to harness the full power of AI to increase their productivity.”

“Today, we are closer than ever to achieving this mission,” Majumdar continued. “We are thrilled to welcome Venture MLS to the elite list of investors who believe in our vision to become the AI ​​provider of choice for the real estate industry.”

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