Unicaja Banco offers a line of loans to anticipate agricultural aid from the CAP and for young farmers

The Junta de Andalucía and the Junta de Castilla-La Mancha in the processing of agricultural and livestock aid of the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC) so it offers a specific campaign to its clients with advantages and experience for the advice, management and personalized processing in its file of request of aid, as well as the possibility of anticipating the amount of the aids with loan in favorable conditions.

In this sense, Unicaja Bank has enabled for this campaign, along with its usual financing of advances, a new line of 117 million euros in pre-granted loans to anticipate European Union aid to farmers in Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha, as noted in a note.

Also, Unicaja Bank gives support to young farmers with the signing, one more year, of an agreement with the Ministry of Agriculture of the Junta de Andalucía to provide funding for the first installations of farms of farmers under 40 years and thus promote agricultural activity and the promotion of employment in the sector.

The participation of Unicaja one more year in the agricultural aid campaign of the CAP and the signing of the agreement to support young farmers is part of the deep commitment of support to the field by Unicaja Banco, which is manifested in the provision of financial and protection services, and advice in the agricultural sector, development of specific agreements and participation in companies in the field.
The Agricultural Aid campaign launched by Unicaja Banco every year to mark the beginning of the period for submitting applications for the CAP subsidies for 2014 (area subsidies, single payment, livestock aid, compensatory compensation in disadvantaged areas, Agri-environmental measures), has the contribution of the financial institution of technical, human and financial means that translate into experience and confidence, factors especially valued by Unicaja Banco customers who are directed to the entity to process their aid files .

Unicaja Banco makes it easier for this segment of clients to apply for different lines of aid for the current campaign. For this, both farmers and ranchers can go to any of the offices that the financial institution has in Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha, which can go without an appointment and where they will get specialized advice and help to complete their applications.

Likewise, Unicaja Banco has an internal team of people specially trained for this purpose who carry out the processing of the files presented by the farmers, and also maintains a network of external collaborators, through agreements with Cooperatives, Agrarian Unions, Advising, Technical cabinets and other external processors, to provide a complete service to all customers of the entity.

The processing of these grants by Unicaja Banco provides important advantages for the beneficiaries of these grants: they obtain advice, management and personalized processing in their aid file, collection insurance, permanent information on the state of the requested aid, also available to through the entity’s Remote Services (by telephone, with the Unicaja Línea Directa service, through the Internet, through UniVía, the bank’s electronic banking service, or through its ATM network).
Likewise, Unicaja offers the possibility of anticipating the amount of the grants in exceptional

coinciding with the agricultural aid campaign

has enabled a new line of 117 million euros for pre-granted loans aimed at customers of the entity in Andalusia and Castilla-La Mancha who have processed their application file through the financial institution.

This type of loan will allow the farmers and ranchers of Unicaja Banco clients to dispose of quickly and agilely, and at a low-interest rate, of the amounts pre-granted to cover the needs that are covered by the amount of agricultural aid requested. In addition to the pre-granted loans, Unicaja Banco offers the 2014 Advance Loan of Assistance, which facilitates, in preferential terms, the advance of the requested aid.

La Mancha, in particular, is evident in the continuous adaptation of its services to the needs of farmers and companies belonging to the sector (marketing of agricultural products and livestock, as well as supplies, facilities and other auxiliary industry), with the availability of a wide range of specialized financial products and services under preferential conditions, which is possible thanks to Unicaja agreements maintained with the main cooperatives and agricultural organizations of both Communities.