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The CAIT does not require any dilution in the proposed e-commerce rules


In a letter to Union Minister Piyush Goyal, the trade body of the Confederation of All Indian Traders (CAIT) asked him not to change the proposed rules on e-commerce under the Protection Act. of consumers (CPA).

Expressing the sentiments of the business community, CAIT said, “Any dilution in the proposed e-commerce rules will cause a strong feeling across the country that the government has succumbed to some hidden pressures. “

The letter said if the ministry relaxed the rules, the country would think India’s e-commerce landscape has been offered to online retailers to mold and structure it to their advantage.

CAIT claimed that several foreign-funded e-commerce companies engaged in “predatory pricing, large discounts, loss financing, exclusivity, inventory ownership and a preferential seller system.” .

Provisions prohibiting deep discounts and flash sales, making e-commerce marketplaces accountable for the quality of products sold on their platforms, and putting in place strong mechanisms for grievance by e-commerce companies should be comprehensive and uncompromising. , added the letter. .

Listing cases like the marijuana racketeering dismantled by Madhya Pradesh police and the provision of contraband supplies used to make explosives as in the Pulwama case in 2020, CAIT also regretted that no action had been taken. taken by the government so far against the e-commerce giants who have proven to be the carrier of such supplies.

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