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Squid play costumes: where to buy (or craft) for Halloween


For once, the hot Halloween costume of the year isn’t an improbably sexualized version of a beloved character who seemed impossible to sexualize, or an actual person turned into a popular meme. This year, according to retailers and Google searches, the dominant costume choices come from Squid game, the Korean battle royale series that has become a international sensation Netflix.

It’s no wonder people are excited about the idea of Squid game costumes: The show has become a dominant cultural juggernaut, frequently in the news and in constant social media memes. The series is built around bright colors, including memorable and instantly recognizable costume designs. And the story dynamic instantly lends itself to group costumes, whether people want to dress up as blood-splattered suitors in Death Games, the jumpsuit guards guiding them between competitions, the fanciful big players watching. and bet on the outcome of the one event.

For those concerned about the transmission of COVID at Halloween parties, parades, or other large gatherings, there’s even a notable bonus – guards and high-rollers wear masks. The same goes for the games’ mysterious Front Man, for those who prefer to go the solo costume route.

But anyone looking for a quick and easy Halloween option should be careful what they buy and where they buy it. The arrival of a hugely popular show just before Halloween prompted online retailers to come up with impulse buying options. But most of these options will disappoint buyers, and many might leave them costume-less as the holidays approach.

Read the fine print on Amazon listings

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A quick search for “Squid Game Costume” on Amazon reveals hundreds of options – but hardly any of them are available through the site’s premium shipping service. An oddly high percentage of the listings are from brand new suppliers based and shipped from China. Although it might seem fun to beat the crowds of Squid game cosplayers soldiers instead dressing like the scary giant of the Red Light series, Green Light robot girl, it is important to check not only the proposed delivery date but where the costume is actually shipped from. In the case of this particular costume, the “fastest delivery” option might not arrive until November 2nd. And a huge percentage of Amazon Squid game the costume lists indicate the arrival dates in November or December. Considering the massive shipping delays currently affecting industries around the world, the likelihood of a costume being successfully shipped internationally to arrive before Halloween is low.

Even if a costume shipped from overseas arrives on time, there are other important considerations. Clothing ordered from China tends to be very small by US or European standards, so even costumes listed as XL or XXL may not be suitable for people who expect a familiar size. Also, Squid game was only premiered around the world at the end of September, so there hasn’t been much time for clothing and costume companies to put together legitimate options – even the kind of hilarious cheap counterfeit costumes that appear on social media sites every Halloween. Chinese manufacturers are racing to meet global demand for Squid game tie-ins (although the show is not legally available in China!). But the quality of anything produced this quickly is likely to be low.

There is also a high probability that many of these ads are downright scams. Most of them don’t have photos of the actual product. In some cases, the ads may have been hijacked by unscrupulous crooks. For example, this listing for Squid game the tracksuits claim to be from a Michigan-based seller with a 100% rating – but if you check the reviews, they’re for vitamin supplements, not clothing.

The fact that most SEO companies are new and don’t have user ratings yet means you can’t rely on any of them to have successfully shipped the product to anyone. A handful of the announcements Polygon started tracking two weeks ago have already disappeared. So be forewarned that the company that offers to sell you the impulse purchase you want today could disappear tomorrow.

Netflix does not play the game

A website

Image: Screenshot via a polygon

The problem is not limited to Amazon. A number of sites have sprung up claiming to be “official” Squid game“Or” original Squid game“stores. But these outlets notably lack branding or integration related to Netflix, which suggests that they are pirate sites, selling counterfeit goods or not delivering goods at all. They have the same ones. issues that sellers operating through Amazon – little or no photos of actual products, unlikely turnaround promises, delivery dates that often fall after Halloween.

On October 11, Walmart announced a massive new online shopping center to sell products affiliated with Netflix, including products licensed for The witcher and Strange things, as good as Squid game. But while a reading from Walmart’s Squid game merch includes fun stuff – like a pretty cute knockoff Squid game Lego style play set and a range of Squid game fluff – the costumes have the same problem as the Amazon ones. Be wary of costume offers that only use photos from the show, products with an “before” arrival date after Halloween (sometimes four months after Halloween!), And non-returnable costumes. Many of these options seem legitimate and sanctioned, until you start looking at the details – or until the host sites abruptly take down the listings.

This happened with a Walmart pet listing Squid game disguises. These costumes were originally posted on Etsy and were duplicated there several times, but a retailer posted the same images at Walmart for a few days before the list was taken down. Again, before you hit that ‘buy’ button, it’s worth checking out the history and ratings of the listing – and with something unique, google it to see where it has appeared. .

Two cats and a dog in a green tracksuit Squid Game from an old online list

Image: Walmart.com

In fact, there are only a few ads that don’t sound like a guess and a bet. A seller is offering Front Man or Soldier masks through Amazon Prime, listed as in stock and available for delivery on or before October 27. Another seller offers ‘premium t-shirt’ options, which feature the competitor numbers of series protagonist Seong Gi-hun, first player Oh Il-nam, or old friend and bitter rival of Gi-hun, Cho Sang-woo. These shirts are listed as official Squid game merchandise, but they’re not really a costume on their own, unless you go for the low-key “suggest a costume without going crazy over it” look. But add the masks to the right pink or black hoodie color, and people will at least know what you’re looking for.

Or if you’re feeling lucky, you can always spin the roulette wheel on the many other ads available. There are certainly a lot of impatient sellers with real products on the shelves, waiting to take advantage of the intense temporary demand. Remember, just like with the squid game itself, it helps to know in advance what the risks are and what games everyone is playing.


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