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Skullcandy Inequality Crusher Evo True Helmet [Review]

Skullcandy Inequality Crusher Evo True Helmet [Review]


Skullcandy and To Write Love On Her Arms collaborated on the Inequality Crusher Evo True Wireless Headphones for Pride Month, June 2022. I was able to review the headphones using multiple formats ranging from film to a variety of albums listened to and even podcasts. I’m basing my review on qualifications that anyone would care about with quality headphones, but I’ll also include LGBTQIA+ imagery and how it was resolved.

Source: Skullcandy

What I admired and loved about Skullcandy Inequality Crusher headphones is the first look they give you when you see the packaging. The use of the more inclusive flag colors and the ease of opening and closing were impressive. It wasn’t too busy or too hard from the start. It gave simplicity and quality in one go. I found the diagram inside helpful and easy to follow to understand the few buttons on the headphones themselves, ranging from bass levels to Bluetooth connection. The additional Spanish version of the same diagram was a simple but important, and necessary, inclusion. I would have liked a bit of information about the work being done for LGBTQIA+ mental health with the benefits donated and with To Write Love on Her Arms to be included in the packaging, whether that be a brochure or diary. ‘part of the domestic list of ways to help.

The Skullcandy x To Write Love on Her Arms Inequality Crusher Evo Wireless Headphones are perfect for picking up and amplifying smaller, more discreet sounds, from the deep bass tones of a song like Slipknot’s “Custer” to weird music and the sound of cracking bones in a horror movie. Blocking out outside noise is decent, it does a good job on the majority of it, but obviously nothing incredibly loud can’t be cut out a hundred percent. The base level of bass is already very nice, which felt a bit off, was how the switch worked to boost those levels, as it felt like it wasn’t staggering cautiously and instead went through to intense levels with a slight slide of the switch.

Skullcandy has definitely created a really fun pair of headphones that do a really good job with their fit and comfort. The top adds an excellent level of cushion and the same can be said for the feel of the ears and how well they are protected. The controls are easy to feel and the texture of the headphones is sleek and great looking. I really liked the way the colors were incorporated, he didn’t do a neon version of the pride flag like he was shouting “HEY THERE GAYS!”, in some sort of patronizing corporate method that tends to come from a lot of companies during June. The gradient used with the flag accent sewn into the top makes it complete and indicative of the theme without being too much.

All in all, these Skullcandy earbuds connect to Bluetooth from laptops to phones (probably anything in between) quite easily and the charging time is incredibly fast compared to most electronic and wireless devices that I had in the past. A protective case comes with the headphones, along with pockets inside for your charging and connecting cords. Personally, I love the case and how easily the headphones can be placed in it while on the go and transported. I will definitely be using them while traveling for this reason and how nice it will be to block out airplane and airport noise with them.

RATING: 8.5/10

Skullcandy x To Write Love On Her Arms Inequality Crusher Evo True Wireless Listeners – MSRP $209.99

  • 40 hour total battery + quick charge
  • Adjustable sensory bass Crusher and his staff via the Skullcandy app
  • Call, follow and volume control via touch controls
  • Built-in tile finder technology
  • Fold flat and collapsible
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