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Luna Reef brings unique cuisines from around the world to the Jeddah dining table

JEDDAH: Luna Reef Restaurants, located inside the Jeddah Yacht Club, has brought together five restaurants, each offering authenticity and class and offering the best sea views in town: Italian restaurants Madeo and Le Vesuvio, French gourmet restaurant Le Comptoir De Nicole, the Sri Lankan restaurant Hoppers and the pizzeria Emmy Squared Pizza.

The chefs of each restaurant are working hard to move their premises to a more permanent location so that they can become part of the Kingdom’s already growing collection of superb restaurants.

Daniel Lewis, the executive branch chef at Emmy Squared Pizza, said they are always open to trying new things. The pizzeria recently offered the “Loaded Ronni” pizza, given the Saudi predilection for pepperoni pizza.

The pizzeria is a must for those who love comfort food. The pizzas are cooked in a square metal plate covered with brown butter. The spongy dough pairs sublimely with the mozzarella cheese, baked to golden perfection.


The French restaurant Le Comptoir De Nicole takes its name from Old French; the word “counter” is used today to describe a relaxed, casual dining setting.

“In America, this kind of pizza is called a pie, and if you talk to an Italian chef, they’ll tell you it’s not pizza. However, the quality of the ingredients we use is what matters most. We source the best ingredients we can from globally, so that’s what sets us apart from regular pizza,” Lewis said.

Some of the ingredients used in the pizza are shipped here from Italy to ensure they are the best on the market. The chef said they are always working to put a Saudi touch on things.

“I have some Middle Eastern experience, but this year I’m going to dive much deeper into the culture and try to adapt some of our recipes and offerings to people here. While doing that, we still want to maintain the award-winning standard we have set.

Asked about his favorite aspect of the restaurant, he said it was a perfect setting for groups: “Above all, it’s about sharing. It’s very relaxed. »

Madeo, for his part, represents not only Italian cuisine but the heritage of an Italian family. It is owned and managed by Alfio Vietina and his wife Elvira Buffoni. For more than 35 years, they have been creating recipes and intend to pass them on to future generations.

For Madeo, the main idea is not to change the Italian cuisine but to stay consistent and deliver to Jeddah the same food that is served in their Los Angeles branch.


The square pizza trend caught on with mechanics in Detroit, as they would keep screws and other smaller components in similar tin boxes; later they would take them home and bake pizzas in them.

“We have to follow the recipe, and every day we try to make the best version of it. We are very pleased to offer our customers an Italian dining experience,” said Davide Figliolini, Executive Chef of Madeo.

The restaurant has kept its cuisine simple but delicious, so it appeals to all palates.

Guests at French restaurant Le Comptoir De Nicole, meanwhile, say it’s “the perfect place to fall in love” with its beautiful view of the nightly fireworks. It presents the signature dishes of Nicole Rubi, who has captured the spirit of Nice, located on the Côte d’Azur, in her culinary creations. Fresh burrata and Wagyu beef tagliata are among the restaurant’s bestsellers.

Chef Joginder Dham said: “The coast of Jeddah is the perfect setting for the bright and cheerful Comptoir de Nicole. I’m happy to bring Mediterranean classics to the Red Sea.