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Pinterest Releases New Guide To Optimizing Your Product Catalog Feed For Product Pins


As Pinterest strives to grow its ecommerce functionality and become a key hub for online shopping, attracting as many merchants as possible is at the heart of this effort. A big effort on this front has been to simplify its catalog ingestion tools, to allow businesses of all technical abilities to download their full line of products as easily as possible, which can then be displayed as purchasable pins. .

Pinterest has made several advancements on this element over the past 12 months, and today the platform released a new 57-page guide on how to set up your Pinterest store from a product listing perspective, which describes all the details of each step. to streamline the process.

The main objective of the guide is to improve the data quality of your product listings, in order to maximize your opportunities, through ads and organic listings.

The guide goes over the essentials of a Product Feed List, including the data needed to optimize your Buyable Pins.

Pinterest catalog integration guide

It also covers more complex things, such as ingesting multiple feeds for catalogs.

Pinterest catalog integration guide

There’s also an overview of additional data points you can include to improve your listings and opportunities.

Pinterest catalog integration guide

As well as explanations of feed maintenance, metadata details, key best practices, and optimal feed elements.

Pinterest catalog integration guide

If you are looking to run a Pinterest store, or if you already have one, this is definitely worth a look, as the information will help you improve your shoppable Pinlists and ensure your product displays are as effective. as possible in the application.

Even if you think you already know all the details, it’s probably worth a reminder, just to double check and make sure you’ve checked all of the boxes in your process.

You can download the new Pinterest guide “Store setup: feed best practices” here.