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Online shopping disappointment: out-of-stock products jumped 172% from pre-pandemic levels


By Parija Kavilanz, CNN Business

If you were shopping online at the end of the summer, chances are you received an unfortunate message: the product you are looking for is out of stock.

Products were out of stock online 24% more of the time in August than a year earlier in the 18 product categories tracked by Adobe Analytics, according to a report released by the company Wednesday. Compared to January 2020 – before reports of the spread of Covid-19 across the United States were published – the jump in August 2021 was even larger: 172%.

Adobe’s report analyzed more than 1,000 billion online visits for the majority of the top 100 US online retailers. Out-of-stock data was obtained from merchants who use Adobe Analytics products to track purchases.

“We haven’t seen it this high in the 10 years or so since we made this report. It’s a record, ”said Taylor Schreiner, director of Adobe Digital Insights, of August numbers.

Schreiner noted that “buyers are feeling the impact. They won’t necessarily find what they’re looking for all the time.

Adobe has not broken down the increases by category or provided raw numbers on stockouts. But of the 18 categories, Schreiner said clothing currently has the highest levels of out-of-stock, followed by sporting goods, baby products, electronics and pet products.

While consumers’ appetite for shopping remains strong, retailers have faced a number of supply chain challenges, including hundreds of thousands of unloaded containers full of goods stranded on ships unable to dock in the ports.

The issues have raised concerns that enough merchandise will be delivered to stores in time for the holiday season. A few retailers have previously said they expect to offer fewer discounts and offers due to tighter inventory.

“What this tells us is that consumers should make two lists for their holiday shopping,” Schreiner said. “One is a list of items that they know can ship sooner and other items that they don’t necessarily care about the brand but will buy when they get the best discount. . “

Buyers report that they are concerned that the products will run out. A new Deloitte consumer survey on Wednesday showed that three in four consumers are concerned about out-of-stock situations when shopping – especially electronics and toys – and start shopping earlier this year. . The Deloitte survey interviewed 4,315 consumers online between September 7 and September 14.

Despite these challenges for retailers, Adobe still expects overall US holiday online sales to reach $ 207 billion from November 1 to December 31, a 10% increase from 2020.

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