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Notice of public offering, listing and admission to trading of the shares of EfTEN United Property Fund


EfTEN Capital AS (registration code 11505542, address A. Lauteri tn 5, 10114 Tallinn) as the management company of the EfTEN United Real Estate Fund announces a public offering of shares in the EfTEN United Property Fund.

Unit offer

The Management Company organizes the offering of a maximum of 500,000 fund units to all natural and legal persons in Estonia in accordance with the prospectus for the public offering of units. The offer is divided into interim periods. During the first interim period, i.e. from 9:00 a.m. (EET) on 09.05.2022 to 11:00 a.m. on 20.05.2022 (EET), the Management Company will offer and the Fund will issue 460,000 offered units. The Management Company has the right to increase the offer by 300,000 units offered during the first interim period. From the second interim period until the end of the offer period, i.e. from 9.00 a.m. (EET) on the first business day of the calendar month on 01.09.2022 until 11.00 a.m. (EET) on the last business day of the last interim period, the Management Company offers and issues up to 40,000 offered units. A maximum of 10,000 units will be offered in the interim period from September to December.

The fund has one class of units and the units offered belong to the same class. Existing units will not be sold during the offer. The minimum number of shares to subscribe is 1 and no maximum number has been set. A whole number of units can be subscribed. During the offer, no one has a preferential subscription right to the shares offered or any other advantages or special rights resulting from the legislation or the fund regulations. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Management Company may give preference to existing investors in the Fund in the distribution of units offered by oversubscription. Existing investors are deemed to be investors registered as unitholders at the end of the calendar month preceding the respective interim period.

The offer price of units to be issued during each interim period is the net asset value of the fund unit of the previous calendar month. The management company determines and publishes the net asset value of a fund unit on the last business day of the calendar month following the reference period (calendar month) in the form of a stock exchange announcement and on its website.

Subscription to the offered units can only be made in Estonia through Nasdaq CSD account managers. In order to participate in the tender, subscription orders may only be submitted in Euros and the bidder will bear all costs or fees associated with submitting the subscription order.

Important appointments:

09.05.2022 – Announcement of the public share offering

09.05.2022 at 9.00 a.m. (EET) – 30.12.2022 at 11.00 a.m. (EET) Period of the public offering of Units, taking into account that the offering is divided into intermediate periods

09.05.2022 at 9.00 a.m. (EET) – 20.05.2022 at 11.00 a.m. (EET) – the first intermediate period

24.05.2022 – the management company should decide on the distribution of units for the first interim period

26.05.2022 – value date of the first interim period, when the units are transferred against payment to the securities account of the investor

31.05.2022 or a close day – planned listing of existing shares and the first provisional shares and start of trading on the regulated market organized by Nasdaq Tallinn AS (in the list of fund shares of the Stock Exchange)

From 01.09.2022 on the first working day of the calendar month at 9:00 a.m. (EET) until the last working day of the last intermediate period (December) i.e. 30.12.2022 at 11:00 (EET) – the following intermediate periods of the offer of units.

Important dates relating to the unit offering for periods after the first interim period will be published by the Management Company before the start of each respective interim offering.

Listing and admission to trading of units

The management company has submitted an application for listing and admission to trading of all existing and offered units on the list of fund units of the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange, for which the Listing and Supervisory Committee of Nasdaq Tallinna AS made a conditional decision on 03.05. .2022.

Availability of the prospectus

The prospectus for the public offer, listing and admission to trading of the units of EfTEN United Property Fund as well as the summary are available at the registered office of the management company in Tallinn, A. Lauteri 5 (3rd floor) and electronically at https://eftenunitedpropertyfund.ee and on the website of the Financial Supervisory Authority at www.fi.ee. In addition to the above, the prospectus is also attached as an appendix to this stock exchange announcement.

This notice is not a prospectus or a summary thereof. Before investing in shares of EfTEN United Property Fund, please read the full prospectus.

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