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New Dungeons & Dragons book spotted online


Wizards of the Coast plans to release a new Dungeons & Dragons book in January 2022. Amazon.com just released a listing for a new Dungeons & Dragons book, with a release date slated for January 25, 2022. Interestingly, the book has a non-standard retail price of $ 169.95, which is the same price as the current box sets containing all three of the game’s basic rule books. This could mean that the listing is for a new boxed product or some sort of product “Premium” in the vein of Strahd’s curse revisited, a $ 100 box set released by Wizards of the Coast last year.

No further details were provided on the books, but we’ll likely have an official reveal this Sunday at the Wizard of the Coast D&D Celebration, a live broadcast event held to celebrate the release of the latest Adventure Book of D&D. The wild beyond the Witch. The final panel of this event is titled “The Future of D&D” and will feature Ray Winninger, Head of D&D Design Studio, Liz Schuh, Head of D&D Licensing and Publishing, Jeremy Crawford, Senior Designer of D&D. rules, and Chris Perkins, lead story designer, at a panel discussion on the franchise. Since the list specifically refers to this panel, it seems more than likely that Wizards of the Coast will officially announce the product during the panel… unless something is leaked on the internet first.

Dungeons & Dragons has become a major part of parent company Hasbro’s success in recent years. In response to the renewed interest in the game and the franchise at large, Wizards of the Coast has “upped the pace” of D&D releases with five core rulebooks released this year and increased the number of related products. Several D&D video games are currently in development and a live-action Dungeons & Dragons the film is currently in post-production.

Obviously, ComicBook.com will cover all the important news from D&D Celebration. You can follow all announcements on the D&D Twitch channel. You can also follow me on @CHofferCBus on Twitter for more information on D&D and tables.


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