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Mum hits back after stranger calls son dirty for playing in muddy puddles


A mum has hit back at criticism she received from other parents for letting her young son play in muddy puddles, explaining how she encourages him to ‘explore his surroundings’

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Mom happy to let son play in muddy puddles

A mum has hit back after a complete stranger called her son ‘dirty and rude’ for playing in a muddy puddle.

Autumn, who regularly talks about her Montessori parenting method online, overheard another parent making the rude comment in a car park when her baby boy jumped in puddles.

Defending her approach to parenthood, she says she’s more than happy to let little Luca continue to play as he wishes, no matter what stares he may receive, as she wants him to “fully explore its environment”.

Speaking to TikTok, Autumn asked her followers if they’ve ever faced scrutiny from other caregivers and how they deal with it if they have.

Autumn wants her son to “fully explore his surroundings”



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She wrote: “We heard comments from another carer at the park about getting dirty from all the other kids (including my kid). I don’t mind it getting muddy and messy!

“If that’s not your style, that’s fine too. I was just shocked when this adult told an unrelated child how dirty and ‘rude’ he was.”




Autumn, who goes by the username @more_than_montesorri, shared footage of little Luca having a blast in a puddle of mud, and clarified that a few negative comments wouldn’t stop him.

She continued: “Sometimes I get feedback from other parents and carers because of the way we educate. Yes, we choose to encourage him to fully explore his environment. No, we don’t expect that others do things the same way!

“Look, comment if you must, but I will continue to allow him to play in the puddles.”

Many people applauded Autumn for her open approach to parenthood, assuring her she was doing a “great job” while advising against taking any judgmental remarks to heart.

One approving person wrote, “Isn’t that why we have tubs, showers and running water? Kids are made to get dirty!

Another clapped: “One of my favorite memories from my childhood is how I lay on the ground looking at the puddle and how it reflected a rainbow that day.

“Now I can imagine what it must have looked like for some adults, a child lying in the puddles. […] Kids should be kids, I would hate to have a childhood where you couldn’t get dirty or play in nature.”

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