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MT Tower – the social media and lifestyle metaverse


Tallinn, Estonia, Oct. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — With a mission to increase brand awareness, grow a loyal community, and promote their upcoming projects, lifestyle, and gaming metaverse, MT Tower has launched its Global Ambassador Program. MT Tower is looking for blockchain enthusiasts, social media experts, and lifestyle influencers who want to engage with their target consumers and build strong connections with MT Tower, its vision, and its team.

The MT Tower Ambassador Program strives to raise awareness, generate positive word of mouth, and provide appropriate exposure to the lifestyle and gaming metaverse. The program also aims to educate the general population about the metaverse and blockchain and direct viewers to MT Tower to learn more about how it is bringing the world to social media 3.0.

MT Tower CEO, Igor Łukasik said: “The MT Tower team is excited to grow the relationship with the community through this program. As we begin to evolve, it will give us the opportunity to strengthen ties and the mutual benefits that can only happen when people from all walks of life come together to build something great.”

With MT Tower in the midst of a very successful and final round of its MT token presale, its upcoming listing on a top-tier exchange, and its continued drive to deliver on its roadmap, there’s no better time to introduce this program.

Ambassador roles

There are three roles for MT Tower Ambassadors:

  1. Content creators are essential for educating the public about your project and advocating for yourself through engaging content such as graphics, videos or articles, blogs and podcasts. Content will be posted on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Tik Tok.
  2. Promotional Ambassadors are the perfect way to get the brand message across! They represent MT Tower by commenting and providing positive statements, so it’s only natural that their followers want more of what they’ve seen. Ambassadors will post photos or videos with hashtags like #followMTTower on social media.
  3. Writers who write engaging, keyword-rich articles optimized for search engines. Each piece of content targets a specific audience and addresses an interesting topic relevant to the audience’s needs.


MT Tower has announced exciting reward structures for Ambassadors, which are split into several categories:

  1. Monthly Rewards:

The MT Tower Ambassador program is a commitment-filled program that rewards those who have shown loyalty and dedication.

Each week, the most dedicated Ambassadors will receive MT Tokens as a reward in recognition of their outstanding contributions to our community through viral content or excellent engagement! These high-flyers can also win big by being named “Ambassador of the month”. This monthly price gives them $500 MT tokens. Additionally, $50 worth of MT tokens will be given to 5 randomly selected ambassadors each month.

These MT tokens can be staked for passive returns on the Play-to-earn platform. Additionally, as the token appreciates in secondary markets, it will prove to be a valuable asset to hold onto for future returns.

2. Results-based bonuses:

Ambassadors who consistently reach their weekly goals will have no limit to their earning potential! If they complete their tasks every week, they will be rewarded twice the monthly premium the following month.

How to Apply to Become an MT Tower Ambassador

Interested candidates can apply for the program by visiting this website and following the instructions https://metatower.com/ambasador

Ambassador Rules

  • Ambassadors must abide by the following rules to participate:
  • No derogatory statements or language should be used in any capacity.
  • Comments about race, culture, slurs and other sensitive topics are unacceptable and will result in immediate disqualification.
  • To provide an unbiased review, a thorough understanding of the project and use cases is required, as well as an understanding of the product.
  • All Ambassadors must follow MT Tower on Instagram and Twitter and must have joined the telegram group before starting their quest.
  • Ambassadors should follow your local marketing laws, rules, and regulations and post any necessary disclaimers on your posts.
  • MT Tower accepts no liability for false mentions and testimonials. It will not reward inappropriate language, behavior, misrepresentation of the company, its products and its brand, false reviews or the offering of financial advice on its behalf.
  • MT Tower reserves the right to modify, change, cancel or terminate any part of the program at its discretion. Although not obligated to do so, MT Tower, at its option, will try to communicate these actions with notice on its official channels.

Working with the community is a great opportunity to give back and make the MT Tower even more exciting. Stay tuned for more updates and campaigns!

About MT Tower:

Social Media 3.0, aka MT Tower, is a Polygon-based gaming and lifestyle platform. It allows people to create new social connections, meet brands and create their world, sharing it outside and inside.

To learn more about the MT tower, visit:

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