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Mogul Seeks Nominations for Top 100 Companies with Top Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB) Initiatives List


NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Mogul, Inc., an innovative HR technology software company and executive search firm whose vision is to unlock the world’s greatest potential, announced today that it is seeking nominations for its roster of the “Top 100 Diversity Companies, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives (DEIB). Nominations can be submitted here until July 1, 2022. Anyone can nominate an organization, free of charge. The winners will be announced on July 12, 2022.

“At Mogul, we believe it is extremely important to recognize organizations that have demonstrated exceptional leadership with their DEIB programs. These organizations have embraced cultural values ​​that allow all individuals to feel a sense of belonging. , inclusion and equity within the culture of the organization,” said Tiffany Pham, Founder, CEO, and Chair of the Board of Mogul. “These organizations nurture and promote diverse talent, have developed a inclusive mindset and understand the importance of fairness within the corporate culture.”

Pham noted that companies that excel in delivering truly exceptional DEIB initiatives often recognize that diversity includes factors far beyond ethnicity, race and gender, such as age, religion , sexual orientation, lifestyle, parental status, veteran status, disability status, social class, and education.

Nominees will be judged on the following criteria, however, Mogul also reviews publicly available information to determine winners:

  • Diversity of hiring and promotion practices

  • Inclusive mindset with inclusive business initiatives

  • Progressive Workplace Resources

Mogul publishes a “Top 100” list by quarter:

About Mogul

At Mogul, our vision is to unleash the greatest potential in the world. We help diverse people and organizations achieve their goals and cultivate meaningful success, through pioneering technology solutions and inclusive communities. With industry-leading HR software, fast-growing executive search services, and a diverse and inclusive online community of executive and board-level talent, Mogul is innovatively paving the way for diverse professionals. and businesses that need it.

Mogul partners with the Fortune 1000 and the world’s fastest growing companies to attract, engage, advance and retain top diverse talent. Long-time customers include Amazon, IBM, Nike, Hearst, Stanley Black & Decker, McKinsey, T-Mobile, etc.

As a mission-driven organization, Mogul offers free community forums, low-cost events, and inclusive online communities, all designed to attract, engage, and advance top diverse talent.

Mogul was named one of the “100 Most Exciting Startups” by Business Intern“Best Website for Finding Top Talent” by Inc. magazine, and “Best Website for Marketing Your Business” by Forbes.