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Marnie Beauchamp: Reinvent the presentation of your ad


Reinvention is about reimagining and redefining what you do on every level.

As an industry, we have been around for a very long time.

We have witnessed many technological developments and the emergence of artificial intelligence, which has contributed to functionality, efficiency and systematization.

But we must be careful not to forget the power of communication and connection.

Because people still want to deal with people.

So, the question you need to ask yourself, as an agent in an evolving world of digitalization, is how do you manage to stand out from the crowd and become an agent of attraction.

The key is to create a lasting connection through personal and human interaction with a focus on producing a customer-centric customer experience in every interaction.

You are the point of difference that customers are looking for, and how you communicate with them will ultimately determine whether or not they choose you.

The biggest opportunity for you to develop a link is in list submission.

Reinventing your delivery and changing the emphasis from “presenting” to “making a connection” lets your personality and gratitude shine through.

By asking questions, you bring your customer into the process and take care of it.

The objective is essentially to deliver information, added value and satisfy the expectations of your customers so that they speak for themselves rather than you telling them what to think or do.

The details then manifest as a better understanding and belief that you are on the same page, confirming that their needs have been met.

Simply put, it builds trust.

When you engage through a question-based approach and actively listen to their responses, you psychologically connect by aligning with their need to be heard and included.

Communication is 7% the words you speak, 38% the inflection and pitch of your voice, and 55% non-verbal, which includes listening, alertness, and interest. , maintaining eye contact, relaxation, and nodding approval and acceptance.

And smile, even while you talk!

To get your message across, you need to listen more than talk.

To better understand your customers, begin engagement before booking the assessment. Just ask a few simple questions.

  • How long have you owned your home?
  • Have you done any renovations or extensions since you owned it?
  • Are you looking to move or can I help you find your next home?
  • Have you had any other assessments in the past few months?
  • So that I can do the right research before I arrive, do you have any idea what price range your home might be in?

You will get so much background information from these questions!

Your follow-up digital pre-list should be short and informative, providing an agenda and a snapshot of you. When confirming the appointment, send a short video SMS, which is much more personal than an SMS or an e-mail.

Your meeting should start with a simple opening question such as:

  • What is the most important thing for you in choosing an agent?
  • What are you looking for?

This sets the tone for the rest of your presentation as you focus on their response throughout.

No two list layouts should be the same if you do it right.

Always start with a question and end with a confirmation.

For example:

The market

Ask, “Are you aware of what’s going on in the market right now, or is there something more you’d like to know?” »

Sales method

Ask: “Have you ever bought or sold at auction?”

Or try: “How did you buy this house?” Tell me about that experience, and would you be comfortable selling at auction this time around? »

End with “Perfect, so just confirm that you are comfortable going to market through auctions/sales”.


Ask: “When looking for a property, where do you mainly look?”

Or try asking, “Are you looking further than the first page or two on sites like realestate.com.au?” »

Conclude by saying, “We will promote your property with a package that includes XYZ. Is there anything else we haven’t covered that you’d like to include? »


First do your benchmarking with detailed information.

Then you can ask, “Based on this information, where do you see your house sitting?” You can follow this with a discussion.

Conclude by saying, “Okay, so we’re going to present your property to the market with a $XXX guide.”

About you

Ask a simple question to your suppliers: “Do you have any questions about me or my experience?” »


First, ask salespeople, “Have we covered everything you hoped to cover?”

And follow that with “If you decide to list your property, how soon would you like to be on the market?”

And finally, ask, “Would you trust me as your agent?” »

To make an unmistakable impression, speak clearly and succinctly and continually clarify and summarize as you go.

Forget scripts, forget booklets and forget statistics. Instead, discuss each category and let the conversation flow.

Agents spend hours generating leads but not improving conversion rates.

Regardless of new leads, an inability to convert them can do more harm to your personal brand than good.

What’s worse? Not seizing the opportunity or seizing the opportunity and losing it?

By improving your review to listing ratio, not only will you do less work with a better result, but you’ll receive more referrals, more repeat customers, and create a healthier, more active pipeline.

The ability to communicate effectively is essentially what will make or destroy an agent’s career.

Practice your pitch regularly, but not on customers.

Find team members, family, friends – anyone to role-play with you.

Ask for honest feedback and film yourself so you can review your body language, tone, verbal content, eye contact and engagement.

Always have a positive mindset and be yourself!

Honesty and transparency are imperative because people can see through fake dialogue.

If you are not humbly confident, why would they trust you?

If a customer likes you, they will trust you. If they trust you, they will believe in you. And if they believe in you, they will hire you.