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LIVE: Updated PlayStation 5 restocking list with likely sales on Amazon, Asda, John Lewis and Very


The PlayStation 5 is expected to be in stock at a number of retailers this week.

Amazon, AO, Asda, John Lewis, Scan, ShopTo, and Very are all expected to go live in the last week of August with their PS5 sales.

That’s according to gaming experts who track the console across a number of sites and stores, building on the PS5’s previous trends and sales over the past year.

Sony’s latest PlayStation design is the hottest console of the year.

After its official launch in the UK on November 19, 2020, it sold out instantly and demand still hasn’t weakened.

The PlayStation 5 comes in two forms: the PS5 console: £ 449.99 and the PS5 Digital Edition console: £ 359.99.

Further replenishment drops could potentially come this week after two weeks of PS5 sales at GAME, Argos, BT, Smyths Toys, Amazon, ShopTo and OnBuy.

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GAME went live last week with its PlayStation 5 release, with its standalone consoles selling out in just minutes.

The Sony bundles were all that was left as buyers rushed to load up the GAME site and pocket the hottest console of the year on Thursday morning (August 19).

Meanwhile, Studio kicked off its restock sale on Thursday, but the console sold out in 12 minutes.

The retailer has updated its PlayStation 5 landing page which includes a range of games and accessories.

Possible restockings of the Sony console are now being reported from AO, Very, Asda and John Lewis this week.

According to the PS5 Stock UK Twitter account, which has been following PlayStation 5 restockings closely, AO and Very could potentially launch a sale this week, with Asda and John Lewis following suit.

However, these launches aren’t final, but the account’s predictions have been pretty accurate.

They tweeted, “Stock Checker’s PlayStation 5 restock prediction is as follows:

Amazon: 24-25 (8 am-9.30am)

AO: 24-27 (10 am-1pm)

ASDA: 24-26 (8 am-9am)

John Lewis: 24-26 (7 am-8am)

Scan: 27 (1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.)

ShopTo: 29 (10 am-6pm)

Very: 24-25 (9 am-11:30am)

“Which one will you choose and why?

“Please note that these are predictions as stated in the title of the tweet, based on our experience with PlayStation 5 restocking, and do not guarantee a drop.”

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