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List of all horse varieties and their location in A Ways Cry 6


As defined in the very important information on pointers and tips to get started A Cry 6 ways, use cars and fast journeys To go around the whole Yara region, this will be the most good and vital thought you will take. On this slice, you will no longer have these two movement techniques, but they will even be available horses.

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Horses are another delivery method quite useful and particular, but above all fast. If you want to start using them, it’s important to declutter them first and know the locations of each horse shape to get the whole assortment. If you want to know more, about this information we can discuss all varieties of horses and Your location in the new Ubisoft game.

How to find and get a horse

In A Ways Cry 6, there will be a full of 6 varieties of horses and each of them will be in a unique area, but if you search well, it will not be difficult to find them anymore. Some horses that you will see on my own and others will herd past, but when approaching a wild horse, consider the simple methods of doing so first. While you find it, tag it with cell phone camera Dani is to make it simpler so that you can control it.

Later come closer slowly and squatting be harder to find because there is a possibility that, if you do all of these, it will kick you, suffer unnecessary injuries, and in most cases it will run away. After approaching the pony from behind, climb slowly so that it does not have time to react and, as soon as you are reasonable, take it away. equestrian station closest imaginable to make sure you get to it later.

Forms of horses and their location

You may need to deal with the six more races of horses. To do this, you just need to go through other areas of Yara until you find them and use the method we have defined above to get the best solution. Before commenting on its location, we must provide the recommendation that, if inspections with precision each house discussed, you must find them without any inconvenience.



the description

The Palm

This horse is to be possessed from the start of the sport.

Yara’s real workhorse no matter what the automakers say. Reliable, powerful and trustworthy.

spanish walker

In the Venjice region you will find it in Pastizales Prado.

This breed hails from innovative Spain, the place where there was a perfect appeal for cavalry mounts. They have no idea what diet they are serving – they just know they are serving it with delight.

Early in the morning

You can search for it in an Armonia space in the Quito area.

Local to the Japanese Yara, this wild breed is valued for its shiny coat and lively, intelligent nature.

Girasol Yarano

It is located at the Carbonell farm in the Conuco area.

A variant of the preferred sunflower breed, these dedicated horses are good at farming and equestrian shows.

Mogotes Zebra

The whole ‘Destroy the Chains’ operation in Valle de Oro and you will see them near the Diamond Lakes.

It is not identified precisely how the zebras were given to Yara.

The Unicorn

All the “Quinceañera” treasure hunt in El Este in the Sierra Perdida region.

There is only one and it is the most effective that answers you.


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