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Jane Wurwand of Dermalogica, the woman who started a cult



Separating beauty and skin care is one of the many accomplishments that Wurwand and his team at Dermalogica have come up with. When Dermalogica was founded in 1986, the ingredient list on products was not mandatory, which meant that several harmful chemicals could be inserted into skin care and harm those who used them. “Everyone seemed to have a secret ingredient,” says Wurwand. “They always had a weird story – made in Bulgaria in their grandmothers’ tubs. It all seemed spurious. After working with several clients with various skin conditions, I wanted to educate people on good skin care, such as peptides and sera. ” This is precisely what the team pursued by introducing three boosters and three serums as their first products. “We were better known for things we didn’t do more than what we did, for example not using jars due to contamination issues,” she continues. “It’s fantastic to see how far the industry has come and how much information is available today. When I first moved to the United States, only seven states had licenses for skin therapists; now every state is doing it. “

While celebrating the release of Skin in the game, Wurwand and Dermalogica are also celebrating 20 years of their much requested product, Daily Microfoliant. Wurwand uses this product as his central anecdote for inspiration: “I was once in Japan, exhausted from teaching, and I went to a hot spring at Mount Fuji to try to find inspiration for new products. , but nothing came to my mind, and I almost missed the very thing that inspired Daily Microfoliant. “She adds:” In the taxi, I thought about a ritual Japanese treatment I had received, I liked that the product was made of powder and that inspired the birth of Daily Microfoliant. “Even though it wasn’t as simple as creating a powder-based product, this is where Wurwand strongly insists on keeping an eye out for inspiration, even in the mundane:“ The marketing team was very frustrated with my idea of ​​a powdered product like we do. ”I thought my idea had failed until I sat in an Italian restaurant, adding parmesan to my dinner, and I was found myself enthusiastically yelling at my coworker, “This is it! what we need to use for the Daily Microfoliant.” A perfect example of seeking inspiration in the most mundane objects, Daily Microfoliant has been kept in a container shaker-like throughout its 20 years on the shelf.

Life lessons are a permanent theme within Skin in the game, with Wurwand admitting that the person who shaped her career the most was an 80-year-old client whom she named Ms. Heard early on. “She came to see me for treatment every week,” she reveals. “I could tell she was running out of money, so I explained that she didn’t have to come that often. It was then that she told me that she would like to come as often as she does because it is the only time that she has received more human contact. Since that experience, Dermalogica has constantly thought about human touch, a feeling that is now more important than ever after almost two years of not being able to touch our loved ones as we would have before the pandemic. She continues, “Some might think my work is frivolous, touting vanity, superficial nonsense preying on women’s insecurities, [which is] a review told me once at a dinner party. It’s not my job at all, I see my job as having a huge and impactful focus on human relationships, kindness, health and independence.

It is with this message that Wurwand ends his conversation: “You must constantly ask yourself ‘Is this the truest life I can live, does it speak to my heart, soul and mind?’ If I didn’t believe I was doing this in my soul, I couldn’t have had this career all my life and loved it all the way through. She continues, “Fall in love with your job as you become more skilled and enjoy what you do for people. You hit the jackpot when something interests you, hone your skills and fall in love.

Skin in the game is available for purchase now, with all proceeds going to Found, an organization created by Dermalogica to support and educate local entrepreneurs.