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Invest in real estate with minimal capital


The first “defensible good” was born with the establishment of land ownership rights, marking a turning point in the history of real estate.

While it took decades for the technique of real estate securitization to gain acceptance, the alternative to tokenization has achieved extraordinary success in just a few years.

— Dr. Alex Pham, CEO of Real Box

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 20, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — The first “defensible asset” was born with the establishment of land ownership rights, marking a turning point in the history of real estate. At some point, past history may have stumbled upon the idea of ​​business, but it was human greed that ultimately led to the practice of selling assets for profit.

“While it took decades for the technique of real estate securitization to gain acceptance, the alternative to tokenization has achieved extraordinary success in just a few years.” Dr. Alex Pham, CEO of Real Box, one of the first and largest real estate development projects in Vietnam, recently spoke publicly about the profit potential of cryptocurrency in the real estate industry. So what are the thoughts on low capital real estate investing right now?
This article explains in more detail what to look for in a good investment deal.

What is real estate investing in modern life?
There are many definitions of real estate investing, many of which are relatively specific and tailored to certain investment purposes. Most importantly, real estate can be used as a tool to help shareholders achieve their financial goals by providing them with a stable source of income, high returns, tax advantages and diversity.
1. Real estate investment in history
Humans have made incredible progress throughout history, from our humble cave dwellings to the magnificent crusades of monarchs. Throughout human history, storing food and other goods has become an absolute necessity.

The origins of the modern real estate market date back to the 19th century.
However, it was not until the early 1900s that the modern form emerged. In 1908, Chicago hosted the founding of the National Association of Realtors, then known as the National Association of Real Estate Exchanges.
2. Real estate investment in modern life
Dr. Alex Pham, CEO of Real Box, has spent the past two decades studying the real estate industry. He credits the recent real estate tokenization boom to the many benefits of the method, especially in Vietnam.

Real estate tokenization has helped the industry overcome problems including heavy paperwork, limited investment areas due to distance, and high entry costs. This makes home ownership in general a more viable option for more people.

3. Investing in real estate with cryptocurrency: why not?
According to Real Box CEO Dr. Alex Pham, it will become increasingly clear that a successful crypto real estate company must grow in order to offer customers a wide choice of alternatives as blockchain and NFT continue to grow. gain popularity in the market.

Therefore, Realbox and other real estate tokenization platforms will act as intermediaries, finding suitable properties and turning ownership rights into tokens that can be traded and acquired by users. Real estate tokens, similar to cryptocurrency stablecoins, are pegged to the market value of the underlying asset.

What is cumulative investment?
The term “cumulative investments” refers to the sum of all expenditures incurred for exploration and development from the day the agreement entered into force until the end of the immediately preceding financial year.
1. Benefits of cumulative investments
Profits for real estate owners come from a variety of sources, including rents, capital gains, and income from tenant businesses. Specifically, passive income, stable cash flow, tax breaks, diversity, and leverage are just a few of the reasons real estate is a good investment choice.
– Financial Stability and Property Values: The equity in a home being developed through mortgage payments is a financial asset. And when equity increases, it can be used as a loan against another property, further increasing cash flow and income.
– Continuity of funds: when all the bills are paid and the mortgage is paid off, the money remaining is the cash flow of the investment property. The ability to earn money is a major advantage of investing in real estate.
– Appreciation: Those who invest in real estate can increase their wealth through rent payments, income from any business operating outside the property, and appreciation.

2. Cumulative Investment Pinpoints
– Real Estate Appraisals: These are essential for a variety of reasons including, but not limited to, financing the purchase, determining the listing price, financial analysis, risk assessment and taxes.
– Setting financial goals and timeline: Real estate investments tend to be a high-value, low-liquidity business model. It is advisable to do some compound research to help you make your decision.
– It is crucial to compare new buildings to pre-existing structures: prices for newly built homes are often more reasonable and buyers have more leeway in terms of customization and updated features. Delays, cost overruns, and the unpredictability of a brand new community are all potential issues.
Key points to remember

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