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Introducing Airbnb’s New Tech Hub in Atlanta


Key points to remember

  • From its West Midtown office space affiliated with the Georgia Institute of Technology, the Atlanta Tech Hub will create new highly skilled technical and non-technical roles, building on our commitment and investment in the city.

Last year we announced plans to open a technical center in the city of Atlanta to house one of our product development teams, the regional base for new technical and non-technical roles over time. – and the first step in a broader commitment to a long-term presence in the region.

“With the opening of our Atlanta Tech Hub, we hope to create many new, high-skilled jobs over time and expand our commitment to serving all stakeholders in Airbnb’s diverse community: hosts, guests, communities, employees and shareholders”, said Dave Stephenson, Airbnb’s chief financial officer. “Atlanta emerged as the perfect choice for our new Tech Hub because of its strong educational infrastructure and institutions committed to supporting communities of color.”

Today we are proud to announce that we have chosen an initial location at the corner of 14th Street and Howell Mill Road in the heart of Atlanta’s West Midtown – with current plans to open the hub later this year, subject to pandemic conditions. The space is in the mixed-use Interlock complex and is managed by Georgia Advanced Technology Ventures (GATV), an affiliate of the Georgia Institute of Technology. GATV acquires and develops properties near campus that serve both the academic needs of Georgia Tech and those of technology companies interested in harnessing its research innovations and student talent. We were represented by T. Dallas Smith & Company, the largest African American-owned, pure tenant-owned commercial real estate brokerage firm.

“Atlanta is and always will be open for business, innovation and attracting talent. This investment is a vote of confidence in the strength of our tech industry and existing Atlanta talent. We welcome the new tech hub of Airbnb and look forward to working together to create a pipeline of technical jobs and economic opportunity for our residents.Andre Dickens, Mayor of Atlanta and Georgia Tech alumnus.

Committed to the next generation

As part of our recruiting and hiring efforts, we are constantly innovating and creating new programs to provide local candidates of all backgrounds and experience levels with the opportunity to join the company. With the opening of the Atlanta Tech Hub, we will continue our work of developing community partnerships in the city to expand entrepreneurial opportunities and create pathways for Atlanta residents to pursue careers in technology. . This work builds on our existing partnerships with the NAACP, the Russell Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (RCIE), Tech Bridge, and others in the Atlanta community.

Support the Atlanta Community

Airbnb is a tool for economic empowerment, providing a pathway to entrepreneurship for Atlanta residents and helping local families pay their bills by sharing their homes. In the first three quarters of 2021, Airbnb brought more than 500,000 total guest arrivals to Atlanta and 1.7 million to Georgia. Since 2010, Airbnb hosts in Georgia have earned a total of $1.2 billion, and home sharing has served as a source of income for more than 40,000 hosts across the state. 56% of Atlanta Hosts identify as female and 35% are families.

Most hosts on Airbnb are regular people who share the homes they live in, and the typical host earns $9,600 a year. According to a survey of our host community in the United States, 42% said the money they earn on Airbnb helps them stay in their homes. A quarter of Atlanta hosts said they or someone in their household took a pay cut or lost work hours in 2020 because of the pandemic; 18% said they lost their job or were made redundant themselves, or lived with someone who did.

Airbnb guest spending also supports local businesses. Last year, a study by Oxford Economics found that in 2019, spending by Airbnb customers in Atlanta supported 3,400 jobs, including 1,200 in the restaurant industry. Nearly 40% said saving money on their accommodation by staying in an Airbnb listing allowed them to spend more on other goods or services in Atlanta.

We are committed to being a long-term partner of the City of Atlanta and look forward to continuing our work with local leaders as they promote entrepreneurship and tourism recovery.

About Airbnb

Airbnb was born in 2007 when two Hosts hosted three guests in their San Francisco home, and has since grown to 4 million Hosts who have hosted over 1 billion guest arrivals in over 220 countries and regions . Traveling on Airbnb retains more of the financial benefits of tourism with the people and places that make it happen. Airbnb has generated billions of dollars in revenue for hosts, 90% of which are individuals listing the homes they live in. Of Hosts who self-identify, more than half are female, and one in five employed Hosts is either a teacher or healthcare worker. In 2019, Airbnb directly supported 300,000 jobs in just 30 destinations, an average of nine jobs per 1,000 guest arrivals. Travel on Airbnb has also generated more than $4 billion in tax revenue worldwide. Airbnb has helped advance more than 1,000 regulatory frameworks for short-term rentals, including in 80% of our top 200 geographies. In late 2020, to support our continued expansion and diversification, we launched the City Portal to provide governments with a one-stop-shop that supports data sharing and compliance with local registration rules. We continue to invest in innovations and tools to support our ongoing work with governments around the world to advance travel that best serves communities.