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How to spot a fake vape cartridge


If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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July 6, 2021

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This story originally appeared on Green Market Report

AT Green Market Report, we like to focus on finance and analysis in the cannabis industry. In this article, however, we are going to focus a bit on fake vape cartridges.

Fake vape cartridges are a serious problem. They are often designed to emulate well-known brands and can reduce consumer confidence in the industry. Worse yet, they can make you very sick and even kill you if you don’t know how to spot them.

Unfortunately, the packaging of these vape cartridges can be incredibly professional. In this article, we’ll give you some tips for spotting counterfeits.

But first, a tip:

Buy only from legal suppliers and trusted brands

The easiest way to avoid fake vape cartridges is to buy only from trusted sources. You can get lab test results from legal sellers, as cannabis producers must provide them. In these test results, you can see exactly how much THC – and other chemicals – is in the cartridge you buy.

Getting your products from trusted producers such as PAX Labs, makers of Era Pro, Era Life, PAX 2 and 3 will significantly reduce your risk of ending up with a fake vape cartridge.

Of course, this advice only applies when you buy your cartridges online or if you live in a state where cannabis is still a black market product. In light of this, here are some tips for spotting counterfeit products.

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Know your brands

Websites like Leafly are incredibly good at listing reliable brands and reviews for those brands. Before buying or spraying a cartridge, search for the brand and name on Leafly or a similar resource site. There are so many different vaporizer cartridges cataloged on these sites that if yours is legit, you are almost sure to find it.

Once you find the product in question, take a look at the reviews. You should also visit the website of the brand you purchased. Then compare the packaging you find with the packaging of your vape cartridge.

This is not a foolproof method – some of the infamous actors who create these fake cartridges go out of their way to make their packaging look real. Some of them create very high quality websites. But doing your research can seriously help lower your risk.

Check regulatory compliance

This technique isn’t flawless, but it can help when you can’t tell if the cartridge is legit or not.

Check the regulatory requirements for packaging vape cartridges in your area. In California, for example, you must have:

  • Manufacturer’s name and contact details
  • Date of manufacture / packaging
  • Government warning for cannabis products
  • UID number
  • Lot or batch number
  • Instructions for use and any necessary preparation
  • List of all ingredients
  • Allergens
  • Artificial food colors
  • Expiration, expiration or expiration date

Check state laws or federal laws (in Canada) to see what information is required on the packaging, then check your packaging to see if it complies with those regulations. A weed store in Winnipeg will have different packaging requirements for its products than a weed store in Denver.

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Beware of too good deals

See a cartridge that promises 99.9% THC for $ 10?

Be very suspicious.

Check online or with your local authorized supplier to see how many cartridges are used, what ingredients they contain, and how much THC is in the cartridge. Compare these values ​​to the values ​​for the cartridge you bought – if things are drastically different, you probably have a fake cartridge.

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Trust your instincts

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You might not be able to tell by taste, smell, or sight. You might just feel like something is wrong.

Its good. Trust that instinct. It is better to waste a few dollars throwing a real vape cartridge than to bet on a fake and lose.

We hope this brief article will help you avoid fake vaping. Stay safe there!


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