How to Apply for a Loan in the Act?

Processing an on-the-spot loan within the banking system requires being a client of an entity, since all the banks carry out a credit analysis in their commercial credit lines, as a step prior to granting, which reviews certain factors, such as, for example, the level of income, if the client is informed in central of delinquent clients and corroboration of personal data, which can not be skipped.

But this step, do not generate an additional cost, since you can request an economic product, such as a savings account, whose cost in many cases is reduced if you process in parallel with another product such as a credit. Below I detail the commercial conditions of the main options presented by the main actors of the national banking system.

Personal loans 

Personal loans 


This Bank offers you its Super Loan product, which can be personal, pledge or mortgage. The staff is the only alternative that customers can take, with a pre-credit rating, which, as you anticipate, is done when purchasing any product. This product allows you to access the financing of amounts between $ 1000 and $ 500,000 , to be canceled in installments of your choice, with some limits, which may be between 3 and 72 months. In this term, you pay a fixed interest rate (the fee is constant) and in pesos. At the time of the request, you can request that the first payment of the fee be made with a delay of 3 months, which allows a grace period, an important financial advantage. In addition, the entity allows you to make advance payments, both partial and total, at the time you want. Currently, the cost of this loan, expressed as the annual nominal interest rate, is 41%. As a requirement, you must credit income of $ 8500 and have permanence in your current job not less than a semester.

As I told you ahead of time, if you have already acquired a product in the entity, you can access the pre-approved credit option, in which people who have purchased the Black, Platinum, Gold, Super Account 3 or 2 packages can participate. In any of these cases, the Bank does the credit assessment, and leaves an amount available for the client to process his credit, even without the ism having requested it. This means that you can process it through Home Banking, without the need to submit any additional documentation.

This credit is available to all people of physical existence, who are in work, and able to incur obligations

credit loan

The maximum age of the applicant must be at the moment of payment of the last installment, less than the one established in his pension regime. Additionally, all the requirements for acquiring life insurance must be accredited, with which the balance not yet canceled of the obligation is protected, and its nature is mandatory.

This line lends you up to $ 100,000 and has one that can be returned in 3 years, with the value of your monthly payment decreasing. Currently, its annual cost is fixed at 47% annual nominal, and 58.60% in effective terms per year . You can integrate the monthly payments by several ways including credit issued by the institution, charged to an account, or current account. To access it, you must respect a 20% of affected income with respect to the value of the monthly payment. Employees must prove that they have a minimum job stability of one semester, and be able to check their employment continuity. In the case of self-employed workers, the term is extended to 12 months, in the case of workers included in earnings. In the case of monotributistas, they must have 2 years old counted since they were discharged in the current category

It offers an instrumented solution through these lines, which has a simple application process, without too many requirements.

This loan has a maximum amount that can be financed up to $ 750,000

This loan has a maximum amount that can be financed up to $ 750,000

You can return this amount with a 6-year term. Throughout this period, the same interest is paid, and the fees are paid in pesos. This entity has the differentiating feature of not having cost in case you make early cancellations of cutas. To access it, you must have a salary account in the entity, and credit an average minimum amount of at least $ 4000. If you are not a client of the institution and you want to apply for a loan, you have to prove that your income does not fall below $ 10,000 . In this line, you can affect your income up to 50% if you already have a salary account, and up to 40% for those who do not. The credit is available to clients who are over 18 and under 84 years old. This product pays an annual nominal 38% for the cancellation period of up to 12 months , which implies an annual effective cost of 45.37%. Its financial cost is 45.98% with VAT. It also has no commission for advance payments.

In case you need to review more alternatives related to these credit options, I invite you to review the different publications of our site. You have an online credit simulation tool, which can be very useful for you. You can also request more information about a point that has not been entirely clear, for which you can settle your questions below this publication. We have advisors who will respond as soon as possible on any point related to the management of your personal finances, and how to obtain the maximum benefit from these financial products.