GoodTax, the start-up that saves you on your taxes

Every year, when the good weather returns (which seems to be in no hurry this year), the individuals tackle an unpleasant but indispensable task: the declaration of the incomes.

And every year, it’s the same chorus: what checkboxes? Should one declare his gross or net salary? Where to register his actual expenses? His alimony? And the levy at the source in all this? Complex and time-consuming approaches, far from being obvious, especially when you start the tax adventure. And if we simplified all that? That’s what GoodTax offers.

GoodTax, your assistant for online reporting

GoodTax, your assistant for online reporting

It must be admitted that while France is the champion of European tax, the complexity of its tax and administrative system is not left out. Every year, many taxpayers get lost between forms, checkboxes, amounts to be indicated, and so on. Faced with this, the founders of GoodTax, Aldric Emié and his partner Rodrigue Menegaux, had a simple but effective idea: to provide assistance with the declaration, via an online platform, accessible to all, free of charge. How? ‘Or’ What ? It’s simple, based on basic questions, an algorithm analyzes your tax situation, and then define the tax reductions or credits to which you are eligible .

As a result, taxpayers who choose to go through GoodTax for their tax return automatically receive tax benefits. No need to redo the procedure on the site of the tax administration: the declarations are transmitted directly to him, GoodTax having the partner status EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). If in doubt, users can find a solution via chat or telephone service.

In France, there are no less than 474 tax loopholes , but few individuals can name more than a fortnight. In addition, the four of them the most known, namely the rental investment in metropolitan France and the overseas departments, the subscription to the capital of an SME and the Girardin Outre-Mer, concerns only 0.5% of households Taxes .

It is this ignorance of the niches and tax mechanisms that


According to GoodTax, makes many taxpayers rush to fill their declaration, in a hurry to finish. Wrongly. Take the real costs for example. Often neglected in favor of the default allowance of 10%, they nevertheless represent an average gain of 420 euros per statement according to statistics recorded by GoodTax. While this means keeping your expense and receipts, the game is worth the effort.

Result? Average savings per statement of around 700 euros . But that’s not all, GoodTax offers its users optimal visibility on their tax situation thanks to its various online simulators. From the platform, you can calculate:

  • the amount of your taxes,
  • your withholding tax rate,
  • your eligibility for the tax exemption,
  • your tax reduction with Pinel law,
  • and finally, if you have any, your redemption of credits.

GoodTax also supports individuals in managing their assets


By offering tax-free solutions tailored to their situation. Specifically, after analysis of their situation, an algorithm and internal experts in taxation, GoodTax offers taxpayers to put them in contact with wealth management advisers, tax lawyers or developers.

But then, will you say, if you follow tax news, what will become of GoodTax with the government’s plan to eliminate the tax return by 2020? No worries, according to GoodTax. The characteristic of a start-up is to know how to adapt and rebound. Even if the declaration were removed, personal financial management would still be complex for many households. GoodTax still has good days in front of him.