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GAIMIN Provides Blockchain and NFT Technology to Games – Sponsored Bitcoin News


PRESS RELEASE. GAIMIN has successfully developed and tested an application to monetize the underutilized processing power of high-performance PCs, creating a supercomputer-grade distributed data processing network by exploiting the worldwide availability of high-performance GPUs.

GAIMIN’s target audience is the PC gamer. Players have the high-performance devices in their gaming PCs, which are required by GAIMIN to build the distributed data processing network. Accessing these devices when not in use for gaming is essential, with GAIMIN rewarding users for allowing the use of their devices. The rewards come in the form of GAIMIN’s own cryptocurrency, GMRX, which will soon be listed on exchanges and will therefore provide the player with either a fiat-based monetary value for their participation or an accumulated reward that they can spend on props, merchandise, or in-game assets, including NFTs.

During research, GAIMIN found that gamers only used their computers for about 4 hours a day, leaving them on, but idle. GAIMIN’s app identifies devices that aren’t being used for gaming and puts them to work, creating a distributed data processing network and providing passively earned rewards to gamers allowing their devices to be used. In early trials, GAIMIN users could generate over $30 per month, with revenue increasing based on a number of factors, including GPU performance, GPU active hours, number of hours spent playing. In testing, some users with the top-tier GPUs could generate over $100 per month.

Rewards are paid out in GAIMIN’s cryptocurrency, GMRX, which accumulates over time and is never “lost”. GMRX can be used to purchase game assets including hardware, merchandise and NFTs from the GAIMIN marketplace. With an upcoming exchange listing, GMRX can also be used to buy other cryptocurrencies or sold for withdrawal as fiat currency through the exchange.

Maximize player rewards

In order to incentivize users to continue participating in the GAIMIN network with their devices, GAIMIN continuously improves its AI-based platform to identify the most profitable use of the devices available within the network and maximize the rewards returned to users and the company. GAIMIN is currently using this network of processing capacity to “power blockchain computations,” commonly referred to as mining. Blockchains are part of the technology underlying new advancements such as cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and the metaverse. Using AI, the GAIMIN platform selects the most profitable blockchain to power and returns up to 90% of the rewards to users. GAIMIN has already tested other uses of the data processing network and successfully provided video rendering services. GAIMIN intends to expand the functionality of the application, allowing businesses to perform high-demand data processing tasks without major infrastructure changes.

As a game company, GAIMIN develops a range of products and services for gamers. This allows users to use their GMRX winnings as in-game currency and acquire in-game assets for gaming advantage. Key to GAIMIN’s philosophy is to ensure the player has an ongoing engagement with GAIMIN primarily through GMRX and its ability to be easily acquired (outside of game), used in game, or transferable to other games or used to obtain another crypto or fiat currency.


GAIMIN’s approach to ongoing player support is called GAIMCRAFT. Simply put, GAIMCRAFT uses GAIMIN technology and integrates it into games.

The first release of GAIMCRAFT focuses on Minecraft and introduces a blockchain and NFT plugin to provide a Minecraft metaverse. GAIMIN users store their acquired NFTs in their GAIMIN wallet which can then be used in games that support NFT and blockchain technology. GAIMIN’s Minecraft plugin directly allows GAIMIN users to create their metaverse environment through their NFTs and use their GMRX currency in the metaverse economy.

A key attribute of the GAIMIN metaverse plugin is the ability for the player to earn unique NFTs and increase their GMRX value by allowing their devices to be used in the GAIMIN data processing network, creating a base of NFT assets with enhanced utility and attributes, only available upon participation in the GAIMIN network.

GAIMIN maintains its metaverse economy through the ability to generate GMRX outside of the metaverse and bring new cash flow into the game’s internal economy, rather than just recirculating existing cash, supporting the continuity of transactions and, above all, to help with the external maintenance of the GMRX. prices on exchanges.

Interoperable NFTs

To support an NFT’s ability to be used in a number of different games, GAIMIN NFTs are interoperable, allowing them to change depending on the game they are used in.

Interoperability is a method that allows players to take advantage of their in-game assets across a variety of titles. Each item has a representative NFT image on GAIMIN’s Marketplace and Wallets, which when purchased and used in Minecraft will appear as a Pixel/Voxel Art style item. When the same item is taken in, say, Grand Theft Auto V, it will be a high definition weapon, skinned to reflect the NFT image. All of these will have attributes and enchantments or bonuses added to them to affect overall gameplay. In other words, if a player owns a sword and moves on to a new game that doesn’t use swords, the NFT could be a flower!

GAIMIN’s Minecraft Metaverse – the first GAIMCRAFT metaverse

GAIMIN Metaverse is a Minecraft plugin that supports NFT and blockchain functionality. Minecraft players will be able to use a portal to access the GAIMIN metaverse and fully interact with the environment. Using their existing Minecraft assets and GAIMIN NFTs, players will be able to create their own unique identities in this metaverse and participate in NFT and blockchain features, such as land sales, house building, land ownership and commercial real estate development. , for example. A player can acquire a property next to a celebrity or an influencer for example, he can build a house, open a commercial building or create his own environment based on NFT and blockchain.

GAIMIN will soon open its metaverse to allow early adopters to acquire NFT and blockchain-based assets in this environment. Players will be able to purchase NFT assets and incorporate them into the GAIMIN metaverse. These NFTs will follow traditional game NFTs with different rarity and uniqueness and with different attributes depending on how the NFT is earned, purchased, or used in the metaverse.

With GAIMIN’s GMRX cryptocurrency supporting the metaverse economy, GAIMIN will use its technology to incentivize players to earn unique NFTs, with more utility and benefits than would be available upon purchase of an NFT. The alignment of GAIMIN technology with the metaverse environment encourages gamers to remain an active GAIMIN user, not just a gamer, and thus enables GAIMIN to reach its active user base and encourage users to stay active with GAIMIN.

No player left out

With a target of over one million active users in its network, the majority of which will be gamers, GAIMIN has a high level of social responsibility towards this influential community. GAIMIN will create socially responsible approaches to gaming to ensure its community balances the enjoyment of games with the non-gaming aspects of their lives.

GAIMIN will bring the game to underdeveloped countries and communities. Through future initiatives such as custom-designed dual-GPU hardware, GAIMIN will provide access to cutting-edge computing systems to underprivileged global users. The provision of IT equipment and communication infrastructure benefits not only the recipients but also GAIMIN through the processing of data. The cost of these services will be covered by the processing power used from the PC devices.

Disability and physical limitations do not exist in the digital world. GAIMIN will inherit this philosophy in the physical world. GAIMIN seeks to provide gaming devices, solutions and accessories that provide the gaming experience to people whose disabilities prevent them from fully participating in a gaming experience.

GAIMIN will integrate gamification into the GAIMIN app and dashboards. This will include themes such as personal development, personal responsibility, leadership, morals, ethics and social responsibility. Combined with the development of formalized skills, such as game development, computer programming, economics and education providers, GAIMIN has the power to shape 1.5 billion young minds.

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