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Etsy’s new make-to-order is missing a key ingredient


Etsy launched a new tool for sellers of digital goods on Wednesday that felt like a game changer, but to sellers’ dismay, the make-to-order feature is missing a key ingredient.

Etsy offers a simple tool for sellers offering digital goods (such as a file containing artwork that the buyer can download and print themselves). But until this week, Etsy didn’t offer an automated solution for sellers who offer personalization — for example, files where buyers select colors or custom text that require the seller to personalize the digital file after purchase.

The Workaround before The new feature launched this week was to list made-to-order digital downloads as physical goods – that way sellers had time to customize the file. The only problem: there were no tracking numbers to upload since the files were sent electronically.

It wasn’t ideal, but when Etsy launched the Star Seller program in July, it became a big problem – sellers who do not upload 95% tracking numbers are not eligible for the Star Seller program. Although there is an exemption for digital downloads, there is not for personalized digital downloads listed as physical goods, because Etsy explained in a separate announcement on Wednesday:

“Previously, some sellers listed digital on-order items as physical items, making them ineligible for Star Seller because shipping scores depend on tracking. With this new process, converting your listings from physical items to digital to order can help you earn your Star Seller badge.”

But Etsy seemed to have forgotten one thing when it developed the MTO option: sellers who sold customizable files using this method had used the variations feature which required buyers to specify how they wanted to customize the file (for example, by selecting a color or Size).

Vendors say that the new MTO feature has no variations feature.

A seller who manages the JustArtinAround Etsy shop Explain that she sent MTO files to customers but also spent money to send a thank you note so she could upload a tracking number so she could qualify for the Star Seller program, she So was thrilled when she saw the new feature:

“For months we’ve been sending a thank you note for every MTO printable file to customers so we can provide follow-up and not get penalized in the Star Seller program. We ate that cost and didn’t pass it on to our clients.

“I was thrilled to see the announcement that MTO digital files are finally a thing on Etsy and we won’t need to ship thanks anymore! However, when I converted all of our MTO printable listings yesterday, I Didn’t notice that the variations disappeared.

“Before, customers could select their size and style from the list of ‘physical’ printable files, and that no longer exists.

“I hope this variation option comes back as soon as possible, because I will be spending hours today going back to the old way (shipping) so that customers can choose variations in order to purchase our products. “

Another vendor, PiggyBankParties, Explain:

“I’m disappointed that the variation option isn’t available for made-to-order digital products. We personalize (or personalize) a few digital products with color rather than text. Variations allow us to offer our customers 40 different color combinations.

“Without variations, we would only be able to offer 5 color combinations, as the additional expense of maintaining 40 listings is not cost effective.”

Etsy has released information about the new on-order digital SEO experience on Wednesday. Tell us what you think!