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EA’s new Seattle studio is hiring for Battlefield’s next single-player campaign


EA is recruiting developers to join its new Seattle-based studio for an upcoming single-player Battlefield campaign, according to a new job posting on EA’s career site.

According to the job listing, the studio seeks to create “rich, exciting stories with memorable characters and powerful experiences in the Battlefield universe.” The specific role is that of a design director, but the news opens the door for developers to the next Battlefield project.

The list of tasks continues, specifically mentioning “single player”: “Your job is to embrace the fundamentals of Battlefield. franchise and ensure they are woven through all the layers of a masterfully crafted single-player campaign. You will build the design team and studio culture and create an amazing campaign from concept to release. You are also responsible for leading product design iterations based on feedback from peers, business partners, and team members while adhering to the core vision.”

Game information has yet to be revealed, but it’s a positive sign to see a new wave of talented developers potentially coming to EA to bring the Battlefield series to life. After the oft-criticized Battlefield 2042 game was a bit of a disappointment for fans of the franchise, EA is turning to some new faces to bring the game’s next single-player campaign to life.

The studio, formed by EA last year, is led by Marcus Lehto, who co-created the Halo franchise at Bungie and has worked as both art director and creative director, while also working as a game director.