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Department of Revenue Switchover to Work Arrangement | Thiruvananthapuram News

Thiruvananthapuram: A decision by the Additional Chief Secretary (Revenue) A Jayathilak to rescind the secondment of labor scheme employees in the Revenue Department based on the existing rules was frozen within 24 hours of the broadcast of the order. Although the rules do not allow secondment under work arrangements (except for the health service), several employees manage to use the system to benefit from a secondment at their convenience.
The Land Revenue Commissioner, K Biju, had issued an order on April 6 canceling the labor agreement in the department based on the orders of the Revenue Secretary which stated that there are serious allegations that officials of the Department of Revenue Property revenues are largely allocated statewide based on labor agreements. contrary to government guidelines. According to an existing order of the Ministry of Finance, except in the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, the secondment of employees under the flexible work system is not allowed in government.
However, the very next day after these postings were cancelled, another summons was given by the Revenue Secretary asking the Land Revenue Commissioner to freeze the decision to cancel the working arrangement, until further notice.
The original intention behind the work arrangement was even the distribution of work, on a temporary basis. But gradually, personal conveniences prevailed over the basic idea, and those who worked began to park at the place of their personal convenience, that their home unit had enough manpower. work to spare their services or that the place where they are stationed under the work arrangement requires their services. .
In 1992, the government published for the first time a circular putting an end to the practice of posting within the framework of the flexible work system. In the circular canceling the system, the government then quoted that “the practice of ordering working arrangements has proliferated in recent years, distorting the necessity and pattern of sanctioning arrangements… where the administrative need exists , it must be satisfied by shifting positions under appropriate sanction and not by working arrangement”.
Twenty years later, in 2012, the government issued another ordinance listing fiscal management measures to achieve fiscal consolidation, in which the government slightly modified the previous decision, stating that the secondment of staff on the basis of ‘working regime will not be allowed, but that health and family protection service will be an exception. Despite these standing instructions, the system continued to thrive in many departments like home, surveying, and land revenue.
The departments continue to use the method to stay in the place of their convenience.