Home Stock exchange Daily Hong Kong Stock Exchange: HSI -0.57%, HSCEI -0.87%, HSTECH -0.56%

Daily Hong Kong Stock Exchange: HSI -0.57%, HSCEI -0.87%, HSTECH -0.56%


June 30, 2021 (China Knowledge) – The Hang Seng Index closed at 28,827.95 on Wednesday, down 0.57%, the Hang Seng China Enterprises Index fell 0.87% to 10,663.39 and the Hang Seng TECH index fell 0.56% to 8,155.37.
Culture and recreation was the best performing sector today, posting the largest increase of 4.6%, followed by toys and shipping, gaining 4.58% and 4.46% respectively.
The aerospace and military industry, food additives and personal care fell the most, falling -4.07%, -2.96% and -2.83% respectively.
The Southbound HK Stock Connect reported total trading of HKD 13.4 billion and HKD 17.4 billion from the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges, respectively.
The HK Stock Connect is a stock trading platform that connects trading and clearing between mainland Chinese stock exchanges and the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx). These are exchanges to the north and to the south. Northbound refers to the buying and selling of mainland listed stocks on the Shanghai Stock Exchange or Shenzhen Stock Exchange in the HKEx. For Southbound, it is the buying and selling of Hong Kong stocks on the mainland exchanges.
Main indices
IHS: -0.57%
HSCEI: -0.87%
HSTECH: -0.56%
Main sectors
Culture & Leisure: + 4.6%
Toy: + 4.58%
Shipping: + 4.46%
Aerospace and military industry: -4.07%
Food additives: -2.96%
Personal Care: -2.83%

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