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Daily Briefing: SC No to Urgent Registration of Hijab Petition; People want more accountability on social media, says IT minister


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On the day the Karnataka High Court issued its observations on the hijab issue in its interim order, reiterating its call for classes to reopen and for students to attend without wearing religious attire, the The Supreme Court also refused to grant emergency registration for an appeal against the interim order and asked the petitioners not to “extend” the controversy to “wider levels”.

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Addressing The Indian Express, Union Minister for Communications, Electronics and Computers, Ashwini Vaishnaw, says that the government wants to build consensus when it comes to having stricter guidelines for social media. “People all over the world are saying there needs to be more accountability on social media, mainly because our children and family members are affected by it. So, do we need to have a more self-regulatory regime where accountability is higher on social media? that is the question,” he said.

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Minister of Foreign Affairs S Jaishankar joined his counterparts of the United States, Japan and host Australia at the Quad foreign ministers’ meeting in Melbourne to send a clear signal to Beijing, underscoring their pursuit of a “shared vision” to maintain “an international order rules-based, free from coercion – one based on respect for territorial integrity and sovereignty”. However, Jaishankar publicly took a slightly nuanced position compared to the other three foreign ministers on at least two important issues. : the Russian-Ukrainian dispute and the question of Myanmar.

While Prime Minister Narendra Modi can call dynasties greatest enemies of democracy, some candidates, who cross party lines, are using the Punjab Assembly polls to introduce voters to their political heirs in not-so-subtle ways. Enter the industrial town of Batala and you’ll be greeted by large billboards of Congress candidate Ashwani Sekhri and his sworn opponent, Fateh Jung Bajwa of the BJP. A common feature of the two is the photo of their offspring on the posters.

Both women were inside the safety of their homes, with loved ones, when tragedy struck. A much of the sixth floor collapsed to the first floor of the ‘D’ tower of the Chintels Paradiso company in Sector 109 of Gurgaon, killing Ekta Bhardwaj (40) on the second floor and Sunita Srivastava (55) on the first floor on Thursday.

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After at least 60 people died from illicit alcohol consumption in just four months, the Bihar government is considering the use of “scan tunnels” to prevent alcohol smuggling neighboring states of UP, Jharkhand and West Bengal, and Nepal. The ambitious project is expected to cost over Rs 100 crore, a senior excise department official said. But how does a scanning tunnel work? Well, it’s based on industrial technology with high-tech cameras that can take images of a package from all sides and software to decode product information into barcodes.

For days, two women have been sending letters and going around the offices of different political parties here with a request: that a the ticket is not delivered to Aman Mani Tripathi. On Thursday, the BSP identified the accused of Nautanwa’s murder, in Maharajganjthe seat the 31-year-old won as an independent in 2017.

Virtual campaigning is futile in Ranikhet in Uttarakhand, the scenic hill town nestled in the Himalayas. Located around 1,800 meters above sea level, internet connectivity here is poor and often dependent on clear weather conditions. No one understands the struggle better than the candidates in the next election. We spent the day with constituency BJP candidate Pramod Nainwal, who showed us how he campaigned without physical rallies, road shows and an online presence.

At Rajya Sabha earlier this week, Prime Minister Modi gave a little history lesson on the coastal state of Goa. His speech included some mockery directed at former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, under whose leadership Goa was liberated in December 1961. Key BJP leaders campaigning in Goa ahead of the assembly elections also claimed that if he wanted, Nehru could have liberated Goa in 1947 itself. Professor Rahul Tripathi from the University of Goa explains what really happened during the liberation of Goa struggle, and in what national and global context.

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Only Indian athlete at the Beijing Olympics, alpine skier Arif Mohammed Khan got into winter sports after being encouraged by his father, who owned a ski shop in Gulmarg. From funding to full-fledged controversy over a trip to Pakistan – Arif had to navigate many hurdles before making it to Beijing. But as his father soon realized after he started skiing: Arif is not “darpok” (cowardly).

Delhi Confidential: Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, while responding to the budget discussion, lost her temper when CPI(M) MP John Brittas lashed out at her own leftist colleague from Kerala, the leader of the ICC Binoy Viswam. Brittas stood up and told Sitharaman in a lighter vein that Viswam had “a right to be agitated as the finance minister repeatedly referred to the CPI slide!”.

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