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Creso Pharma Ltd Appoints Leading Cannabis Consultant To Increase R&D Capacity


Creso Pharma is evaluating near-term expansion opportunities in the United States and will leverage the broad scientific expertise of Dr. Walker and the Scientific Advisory Board to unlock shareholder value.

Creso Pharma Ltd (ASX: CPH, OTCQB: COPHF) has appointed Dr Brian Walker as a strategic consultant to increase its R&D and management capacity.

His appointment is expected to produce benefits across all divisions of CPH, including Swiss operations, Mernova Medicinal Inc. and Halucenex Life Sciences Inc.

Dr Walker will also chair the newly created Scientific Advisory Board and is a well-respected politician and physician, with a long-standing commitment to cannabis legalization and holistic wellness.

In 2021, Dr Walker was elected to the Legislative Council of Western Australia as a member of Legalize Cannabis WA for the Eastern Metropolitan Region and is a member of the board of directors of the non-profit group Mind Medicines. Australia, the country’s supreme body focused on expanding treatment options. available to physicians using psychedelic-assisted treatments.

Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board

Dr Walker’s appointment is the first of several that Creso Pharma intends to make to the Board of the Scientific Advisory Committee.

“We are very pleased to welcome Dr. Brian Walker to Creso Pharma as strategic advisor as well as chair of our new Scientific Advisory Board,” said Adam Blumenthal, Non-Executive Chairman of CPH.

“Brian’s passion and knowledge of the scientific and pharmaceutical benefits of cannabis and hemp products will help us in a number of endeavors including R&D, product development and access to a range of cannabis and hemp products. other specialists and industry leaders to complete the committee.

“We look forward to additional appointments to committees with local and international specialists, especially as we expand our product offering and move towards clinical trials. “

The Scientific Advisory Board and its Board of Directors are expected to add to the growing body of evidence of Creso Pharma’s extensive portfolio of CBD, cannabis and hemp-derived psychedelics products.

What is the Scientific Advisory Committee?

The CPH has formed the committee to expand its pharmaceutical expertise in all applied science activities and believes this move will significantly increase the scope of work and speed up the current pipeline of product development and R&D initiatives.

The committee will also allow CPH to accelerate R&D, product development and other clinical trials before it is eventually listed on NASDAQ.

The Scientific Advisory Board will add another level of oversight for CPH’s product development and highlight the scientific and evidence-based approach the company takes when developing all medicinal cannabis products, based on hemp and psychedelics.

Creso Pharma is evaluating near-term expansion opportunities in the United States and will leverage the broad scientific expertise of Dr. Walker and the committee to unlock shareholder value.

Dr Walker to stimulate growth

Dr. Walker will oversee and provide input into medical cannabis, hemp, and psychedelics at CPH, and review and provide information on all scientific papers related to CPH’s research and technical operations.

He will play a key role in advising the Board of Directors on new scientific developments and business opportunities that could support Creso Pharma’s success and in evaluating potential R&D and scientific projects in which CPH could participate.

“I am honored to be appointed Consultant to Creso Pharma and Inaugural Chairman of the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board,” said the Hon. Dr Brian Walker MLC said.

“During my career, I have always advocated for the use of medicinal cannabis and psychedelics as alternative treatments and this role will provide another avenue to broaden awareness of their benefits.

“Initially, I will focus on appointing additional industry participants to join the committee, while pursuing trials, grants and potential opportunities that will highlight the flagship products and potential of Creso Pharma in these sub. -Growing sectors of the medical field. “

Given his credentials, CPH is confident that Dr. Walker’s appointment will provide him with additional access to opportunities, including leading local and international organizations and industry participants, and leverage his established network to do so. advance several short-term opportunities.

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