Home Product listing Consumer robot brand Robosen secures nearly $ 100 million in round B and round B + funding

Consumer robot brand Robosen secures nearly $ 100 million in round B and round B + funding


Chinese tech media 36Kr reported on Wednesday that consumer robot brand Robosen recently completed a B + funding round, led by Cedarlake Capital, followed by Rencent Capital and Lightspeed China Partners. Sequoia Capital, Dayone Capital, Gengxin Capital and other investment companies continued to invest. Among them, Gengxin Capital served as exclusive long-term financial advisor.

Robosen completed a B round of funding in June this year, closing two rounds of funding in less than six months, totaling nearly $ 100 million.

Animated IP bots like Transformers and Iron Man are deeply rooted in people’s hearts, but consumer knowledge of bots still relies on entertainment and the imagination. In commercial exploration, the value of entertainment is the first mass consumer demand for mainstream robots, which is why the Robosen team combines robots with artificial intelligence technology to develop robotic products that can deliver diverse interactive experiences.

Since its inception, Robosen has made continuous inroads in motors, drive and control systems, chips, algorithms, structure, mechanical arms and even basic materials, and has achieved a consumer robot incorporating automatic deformation, human-machine interaction, voice control and intelligent programming earlier in the world.

The Robosen team consists of scientists, geeks, product enthusiasts and creators from mechanics, electronics, computing, information science, automation and the Internet. At present, the number of company employees in the R & D team is 70%.

Robosen believes that the mainstream robots in the world are primarily wheeled, quadrupedal, and bipedal, of which humanoid biped technology is the most difficult technical type among the three forms.

Recently, Robosen and Hasbro from the United States launched the flagship Robosen version of Optimus Prime, the result of 12 years of R&D from project establishment to product listing. It is a multi-technological integration project involving machines, electronics, computers, chips, software and polymer materials. According to the product details, it consists of 5000 parts, 60 chips and 27 high performance servo motors.

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At present, the official terminal retail price of this product is $ 999. Since its release in the United States in April of this year, the market is still in short supply and the delivery time has been extended until the second quarter of 2022.