Construction loan for the self-employed

Especially for self-employed, it is difficult to get a installment loan. In addition to the equity ratio and the amount of income, these factors are included in the risk profile that banks create for potential clients. Loan for self-employed and craftsmen from a specialist. Corporate loans, ie loans for the self-employed, companies and start-up founders, are provided by savings banks, cooperative banks, major banks, as well as several direct banks. It is not true that there is no loan for freelancers and the self-employed.

Loans for the self-employed

Loans for the self-employed

If the income is insufficient, a company loan for the self-employed is always difficult. Now there is the possibility of a construction loan for the self-sufficient as a conversion of a construction loan. A loan can be granted for different uses. For real estate investments such as a residential building or a residential complex, a loan for self-employed persons can be co-financed for the following measures: 1:

Rescheduling for a consumer loan etc. Similar contribution credit for the self-employed: Weh, if the planned construction cost financing is not sufficient! Refurbishment and modernization measures increase value and are often co-financed by lenders. But many lenders also demand a mortgage fee from owners even if the loan amounts to less than 50,000. We do not have credit institutions anywhere in the program that provide a real estate loan of up to 50,000 without basic protection for employees, workers and permanent employees as well as for self – employed persons and employees.

A construction loan without own funds is the “highlight” of the time!

A construction loan without own funds is the "highlight" of the time!

Real estate financing without own funds is only financed by a few banks. For the self-employed, the banks see twice! Our solution: equity financing via a subordinated loan and this also for the self-employed. Some banks offer real estate financing without own funds, but these then charge significant interest rate surcharges for the increased credit risk.

If you have assets, then you should convert them into capital to finance a property and so the construction cost financing will not be too high. The rescheduling of a current account overdraft for self-employed or an overdraft for employees is just as possible as the inclusion of a consumer loan.

A new lending, ie a rescheduling of existing loans, should in any case be adapted to the current economic and human resources situation of the borrower. It is particularly interesting for you, as a borrower, to check several offers from different banks for follow-up financing and also to act a little, so that you save a few thousand euros depending on the remaining debt and fixed interest rates.