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ChrisCCH shares Street Fighter 5 tier list


We’re on the verge of a major balancing update for Street Fighter 5, and before that, we’ll potentially be making some big changes to levels as players share their tier lists for the current version of the game.

UYU|ChrisCCH is the latest contender to put together a Street Fighter 5 tier list here in early 2022. Now that we’ve had the latest DLC character, Luke, in the game for a few months, here’s how player Sakura/Seth feels about the whole cast stacks up.

This tier list is divided into six categories ranging from S-rank to D-rank. There is also an A+ rank between S and A for those just outside the best of the best tier.

As with most of the tier lists we see here on our homepage, Chris has some of the usual suspects we’d expect for the top tier. Urien, Balrog, Cammy, and Rashid are all S-tier, and we even see newcomer Luke among those veterans, which isn’t too surprising.

Right now, many in the community seem to think Luke is strong here in Street Fighter 5 Season 5, with top 5 and top 10 finishes being quite common. What’s a bit more surprising, however, is seeing Dhalsim as the #1 character in Street Fighter 5.

The stretchy yoga master is prone to polarized opinions, as some definitely think he’s top notch. It takes incredible skill and dedication to properly play Dhalsim at the highest level, but when you meet a player who can do it effectively, the argument that this character is at the top starts to have more weight.

As for the worst in the game, there are a handful of interesting placements here. While Dan, Gill, and Blanka are generally considered pretty bad in this game, characters like Zangief, R. Mika, and Necalli are often found higher up on the tier list – just not at the top tier.

Check out ChrisCCH’s tier list below and let us know if you agree with it in the comments.

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