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Chandigarh: Vegetable and fruit vendors cannot use colored lights, according to High Court rules


The High Court of Punjab and Haryana has ended the use of colored lights by vegetable and fruit vendors in city markets. The HC said it deserved to ensure that “no lights other than white lights are used by vegetable and fruit vendors”.

Judge Rajbir Sehrawat’s bench passed the order while hearing a case concerning Grain Market, Sector 26, Chandigarh here on Thursday.

Judge Sehrawat said that “Vendors in the Grain Market, Sector 26, Chandigarh, as well as in the weekly mandis use colored lights in the evening, depending on the color of the vegetables and fruits, to mask the true characteristics of the vegetables and the the fruits they sell, leading to scam buyers.

The HC has ordered the Chandigarh administration to file a report listing the measures taken to ensure that only white lights are used in all markets.

The HC was hearing a petition filed by Amit Kumar Bansal and others, residents of Sector 26 Grain Market, which is a SCF (Shop-cum-flat), against contractors charging parking fees at the Grain Market .

At the previous hearing, the HC was informed by an SHO that letters had been written to Chandigarh administration authorities and the market committee to provide details of the persons responsible for overseeing the grain market and its parking management. However, this information was not disclosed.

As the hearing on the matter resumed, Chandigarh administration’s senior permanent lawyer, Anil Mehta, said all available evidence had been provided to the police. Now it is up to the police to proceed according to the law.

Sub-Inspector Karan Singh, the investigating officer in the case, said evidence had been received and police were assessing it in order to pursue the case further. The HC then ordered the police to file a status report regarding the FIR and the administration to file one regarding disciplinary action taken against those responsible for running the grain market.