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Brenmiller Energy will ring the opening bell on the Nasdaq during Climate Week


ROSH HAAYIN, IsraelBrenmiller Energy Ltd. (‘Brenmiller’, ‘Brenmiller Energy‘ or the ‘Company’) (TASE: BNRG, Nasdaq: BNRG), a clean energy company that provides thermal energy storage (“TES”) systems to the global industrial and utility markets, announced that its leadership team will wrap up Climate Week in New York City by participating in the opening bell ceremony to Nasdaq Stock Exchange on Friday, September 23, 2022. Brenmiller Energy President and CEO Avi Brennmiller will host the ceremony alongside the Company’s senior executives and members of the Board of Directors. The opening bell ceremony Party Brenmiller Energy recent listing on Nasdaq.

“This is an exciting time for Brenmiller and its stakeholders as we work to decarbonize some of the most emissions-intensive sectors of our global economy,” said Brenmiller’s Chairman and CEO. Avi Brennmiller. “We are making great strides and have achieved many milestones so far in 2022. In addition to listing our common stock on Nasdaq, Brenmiller has been awarded several new large-scale projects, received a drawing of 4 million euros of our credit facility with the European Investment Bank to increase our manufacturing capacity and completed our first large-scale industrial project. Our mission is to provide around-the-clock clean energy to the global industrial and power markets through a cost-effective and efficient solution; we look forward to expanding our operations and tackling climate change head-on.

The ceremony will begin at 9:15 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

About Brenmiller Energy

Brenmiller Energy provides scalable thermal energy storage solutions and services that enable customers to cost-effectively decarbonize their operations. Its patented bGen thermal storage technology makes it possible to use renewable energy resources, as well as waste heat, to heat crushed rock to very high temperatures. They can then store that heat for minutes, hours, or even days before using it for industrial and power generation processes. With bGen, organizations have a way to use electricity, biomass and waste heat to generate the clean steam, hot water and hot air they need to mold plastic, process food and beverages, produce paper, manufacture chemicals and pharmaceuticals or drive steam turbines without burning. fossil fuels. For more information, visit the company’s website at https://bren-energy.com/ and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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