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BIS list reveals Poco could launch renowned Xiaomi choker


In the current scenario, most people, if not all, depend on technology to perform their daily tasks. These include their schooling and office-related duties. With COVID, most offices have moved to working remotely, which means all the tedious meetings are now taking place at home via the web rather than physically.

In scenarios like this, a truly wireless headset or earpiece is essential, as you wouldn’t want your coworkers or boss to hear your family or your TV blowing up in a meeting, and brands that deal with such. products have realized the importance of offering more and more audio products to meet the needs of the consumer.

Poco is one of those brands that has remained silent in this category, despite being a sub-entity of Redmi / Xiaomi, which offers several audio products, the latest being the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro which launched in February in India, with the product will go on sale from March 1.

What do we know about the Poco neck warmer

This is not a surprise as Xiaomi is known to move away from the simple offering of smartphones, much like Redmi, but, as mentioned above, Poco has never done something like this, choosing not to offer only smartphones, at least so far.

Four months after the release of Xiaomi’s latest audio product, the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro have been spotted on BIS or the Bureau of Indian Standards sporting a Poco brand.

It comes after POCO announced plans to launch a pair of truly wireless headphones or a TWS offering dubbed the Poco Pop Buds. But this product has yet to hit the market and marks its debut, with the only information available being that it will be a rebranding of a Redmi earphone found in China.

Today, however, Twitter user @i_hsay noted that Poco may soon be launching a pair of neckband style headphones, the accessory having been listed with the model number LYXQEJ05WM which is the same as the Mi’s. Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro. These two products were curiously certified on the same day, March 1.

Note that while the Poco Neckband headphones are the same as the Mi Neckband Pro Bluetooth headphones, we can expect them to use 10mm drivers, offer ANC or Active Noise Cancellation, ENC, IPX5 certification for splash resistance, Bluetooth 5.0, 20 hours of battery life and MicroUSB based charging. In India, the Mi product is offered in two colors, black or blue, priced at Rs 1,799.


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