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Best Ways to Overcome Post-Anime Depression


Every once in a while, anime viewers and otakus will come across a show that resonates with them. Whether it’s the story, the characters, the subject or whatever, they are simply hooked. Being in love and feeling connected to a show doesn’t happen often and it’s moments like these that should be celebrated and savored. However, like everything there, everything must come to an end. Once this final episode is over, viewers may find themselves contemplating the dreaded existential question of “what’s next?” “.

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Next is Post-Anime Depression Syndrome (PADS). Although it may not affect all viewers, anime fans can relate to the PADS experience after completing an anime. According to Urban Dictionary, PADS translates to feeling depressed after finishing an anime series. Common symptoms can include deep sadness or emptiness, lack of motivation to do anything, and not knowing what to do next.

The causes, on the other hand, can be due to feeling a strong attachment to the anime’s characters and plot or a lackluster ending. Although there may be a great heaviness felt by the viewer, there are several ways to overcome and recover from PADS.


5 Investigate the series further

When the series ends, viewers can search the anime to identify direct sequels or spinoffs. Although the odds are slim, viewers may be surprised that it happens sometimes. Alternatively, viewers can try to read manga from the same series. As the two mediums may differ slightly or significantly depending on the series, viewers may discover more characterizations or even story arcs that differ from the anime simply by viewing the manga.

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There are also online forums that can discuss the series and allow other anime fans to bond around their love for the series. Sometimes solace is best found in the comfort of an anime community. Additionally, viewers can search for the creator or animation studio and find out what other works they have done. While not the same, viewers can find and switch to an alternative show to ease the pain of their PADS.

4 write about it

Another helpful way to get out of PADS is to write down thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper (for some this may mean typing it out). It not only clarifies thoughts, but allows for private self-expression and helps viewers “express” their emotions.

This can include jotting down emotions, writing down what made the anime amazing, listing quotes from favorite characters, imagining fanfiction, and writing a letter to the show’s creators to thank them. Depending on the viewer, some ideas will work better than others. Alternatively, viewers can also read what others have said about the anime online, as others may be able to express their words more succinctly than the viewer (or if they’re just too lazy to write).

3 ‘Play it’

This point covers several areas. “Playing” the anime can apply to viewers listening to the soundtrack. As the music and sound may sometimes not be the primary focus of the viewer while watching anime, viewers can now enjoy the OSTs, themes, and ambient sounds that have been featured. For viewers who are also musicians, they can attempt to recreate the sounds with a particular instrument or sing along to the soundtrack.

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Some anime series may be based on video games or have video games associated with the franchise. Examples include dating sims (like Clannad) or popular shows like naruto which spawned several games.

2 Create a mood board or database

Some viewers described collecting and uploading photos from the web via Google, Tumblr, Twitter, Deviantart, etc. may reduce the effect of PADS. For various reasons, this method can surprisingly work as viewers who love this method share that anime and series items are stored safely in their phones or computers.

Alternatively, hardcore fans can search for merchandise from the anime and see if it fans the flames of their pain. However, getting too addicted to anime merchandise can be a slippery slope to a cycle of paying for overpriced products, so be careful.

1 Rewatch the show

If nothing seems to work, viewers can rewatch the anime based on available time and series length like something like naruto could take a significant amount of energy and time. The benefit of this is that the viewers may have missed some nuances of the series and its characters and by re-watching the anime they can get a deeper understanding and appreciation of the series.

PADS can also decrease throughout viewing, as time heals everything (well, most). It is even possible that viewers have spent so much time watching the show that they decide to take a break or even get bored of the series.

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