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Argo Blockchain (ARB.L) intends to list as secondary stock on Nasdaq – Own Snap


Argo Blockchain’s share has peaked since the end of 2020. Values ​​have risen to 117 GBP, an increase of over 90%. The share peaked in the February-April period, in particular. Overall, in 2021, it did not drop below 77 points. For the past month, the slope has fluctuated around 120 GBP. On July 8, it fell 8% to 115 GBP.

Argo Blockchain plans to reach a secondary listing on the Nasdaq. Argo said the time to market and conditions have not yet been determined. Depending on the company, the market and other conditions will be the driving factors. The announcement came as Argo was building a 200 megawatt (MW) mining facility in Texas, United States. According to its website, the company currently operates three mining facilities in Canada with a combined capacity of 35 MW, which are used to mine Bitcoin and silver.

Argo was founded in 2017 and went public in August 2018 on the London Stock Exchange. Current market value, according to The Block’s dashboard, exceeds $ 666 million. The company said it mined 167 bitcoin during the month, which is worth around $ 5.8 million at current prices. The June release so far brings the company’s total bitcoin mined to 883 (worth nearly $ 31 million). As of June, Argo had 1,268 bitcoins (worth over $ 44 million). According to Argo CEO Peter Wall, the month of June saw significant changes in the crypto industry, including a decrease in the total global hash rate and mining difficulties as mining machines in China went offline.


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