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Amazon Prime Video invests in Australian Originals


This week Media week profiled the creatives behind the Amazon Prime Video Australian Original Sydney luxury listings. As of today, the series goes global in more than 200 countries, with Amazon Prime customers being able to watch the series on transactions and transactions of prestige properties in Sydney.

Amazon Prime service has over 200 million customers, with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos noting earlier this year that around 175 million of them had streamed some of the video content. While we don’t know how much content these customers viewed, we do know the company is investing and working hard to grow their list of Australian productions.

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The arrival of Australia luxury listings takes her to a new stage – the property’s docu-reality programming.

Media week spoke to two members of the Amazon Prime Video team this week about the series and its Australian plans.


CJ Yu, Head of Unscripted Development, Global Formats at Amazon Studios, said Media week:

Sydney luxury listings was a unique opportunity for us to present Sydney in a way never seen on television. When we look at unscripted reality programming, we always try to find a show that resonates with local audiences. He’s the one that really puts Sydney in the spotlight.

“We really think we have something that will feel unique and special to our customers around the world. But we also want to make sure we serve the local customer well. “

On the origins of the idea, Yu said, “Our partners at Kentel found the cast and they brought it to us. It was important for us to make sure that for any show like this we had the best realtors in Sydney. We wanted to make sure we had the best of the best.

“We then set off with our partner Kentel and our production partner Eureka to create what eventually became Sydney luxury listings. “

International appeal is something the streamer is sure the series has.

“Docu-reality series is definitely experiencing a resurgence around the world,” Yu said. “In recent years you’ve seen Real housewives take off in different cities around the world. There are real estate fairs Million Dollar List New York and LA and Sell ​​the sunset.

“These types of shows offer something unique to customers because they show a world that most people are not part of.”

Tyler Bern

Tyler Bern, Content Manager, Prime Video Australia, New Zealand, added: “We are ordering for a local audience, but in this context some shows will travel more than others. Luxury Ads Sydney will definitely travel. We know our Australian customers and customers around the world will love it. It is so good.

When asked to create a new Luxury Ads franchise, Yu explained, “We can’t talk about our development list, but when we have success in a market, it is likely that we will try to replicate that success around the world.”

Regarding the show’s brilliant production values, Yu said, “When you watch docu-reality series, you usually have two paths. You have shows that use a proven method that we’ve all seen. Versions of reality TV shows you often see on cable. The other is the high style you see more on streaming services.

“For us, the visual aspect of the show was extremely important because it makes a bold statement. When you watch these shows, it’s easy to think that b-roll [accompanying footage intercut with the main shot in an interview or documentary] maybe an afterthought. For us, capturing the city as a character on the show was extremely important.

“We spent days after days filming specific b-roll sequences to make sure the lifestyle was captured so the viewer felt like they were living it. It’s easy to snap a few shots here and there of Sydney Harbor. It’s really hard to keep Sydney from looking bad. Our crews really pushed the limits of Sydney’s beauty. The visual aesthetic really brings the city to life as the fourth character so to speak. “

When it comes to measuring the success of Sydney luxury listings, Bern said, “We want this to be a lively and fun show that our customers talk about and share with their friends and family. It’s an exciting week for us and launch day is a great time and we will be looking for engagement from our customers.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video Showcase Host Joel Creasy with Luxe Listings Sydney stars and Prime Video’s Tyler Bern

Types of programs

Berne: “There is no formula that we try to follow. We let our development list guide what we give the green light. We try to create a wide variety of shows to engage as many customers as possible. Guilty Pleasure Reality fans might not be fans of sports programs like [AFL series] Make a mark. These fans in turn might not be fans of something like Clarkson’s farm. We want to make sure that we program our service with a wide range of content to make it most appealing to Australian customers.

“This [real estate] like, we’ll find out once it’s launched. We’re incredibly happy with this show and it’s a genre we want to explore. It’s a fun show that we think our customers will love… and we hope to do more.

Asked about the growth in streaming service options for customers, Bern said they don’t think too much about competitors. “We’re really focused on creating great shows and serving our customers.

“We just want to focus on Deluxe Lists, Alice Hart’s Lost Flowers, Deadloch, Class of 07. As our recent program event showed, we have a lot to do with a lot of exciting projects. “

Amazon Prime Video’s schedule for its Australian originals has a lot to offer for the rest of 2021. Australia Luxury List is out now, Nine Perfect Strangers releases in August, followed by the highly anticipated Back to the rafters in September.

“We’ve been unscripted heavy in Australia so far, but we’re taking a big step forward in the script. Live the sport too. We just had the Australian swim trials and are looking for more sporting opportunities in direct. “

Berne confirmed: “We will be looking at any live sports opportunity that comes into the market. Swimming was our first live sporting event in Australia and it was important for us to find an event and partner that would be appreciated by our customers. We have had great success and are excited to be launching more swimming events over the next two years. “

Swimming was also offered to millions of Prime customers around the world. Bern would not be drawn to the sheer number of people watched, but he revealed there were some parts of the world that showed great interest in Australian swimming.

There is no specific timeline attached to the Australian Original roadmap, but Bern said they are waiting “years and years to adapt and evolve our content strategy so that we can have a streaming service. first class”.

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