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Alkali movement kicks off in India and Asia’s hospitality industry from ACOHI


February 18, 2022 6:38 p.m. STI

Pune (Maharashtra) [India]February 18 (ANI/NewsSee): The alkaline movement has started with a bang and hopes to bring health and safety to India’s hospitality industry here in Pune at ACOHI Asia headquarters.
The human body consists of 70% water and hence this element of water becomes the most essential one which has always been underestimated and overlooked.
“With this fresh start, the industry will give an opportunity to all manufacturers and suppliers who are in the business of alkaline water. As researchers say that this water has medicinal values ​​and cures many diseases and ailments, it will act as a revolution in We have defined the use and envision that, from flagship properties to large and small restaurants to the food service industry, everyone should use this water for the benefit of their customers, ensuring finally that they appreciate the most important post-Corona hygiene, safety and nutrition methodology which is the greatest need of the future,” said ACOHI President Sanee Awsarmmel during a press conference at the ACOHI Asian Secretariat here in Pune.
VRH Aqua is the first company in India to have been awarded Culinary ID after verification of its business process as it has been listed with ACOHI chamber nationally after BOG exam for the year 2022 it will have access to the industry to make sure that they serve the industry in terms of alkaline machine sales, servicing and can execute the annual maintenance contracts for the industry across India.
They have a wide range of Enagic branded machines producing healthy water widely known as Kangen Water exclusively defined for this purpose. We are extremely excited to achieve culinary identification and national listing with the ACOHI chamber and will do our best to meet industry standards and expectations,” said VRH Aqua President Nirmal Hinduja.

What is culinary identification and the registration procedure?
Culinary identification is only given to people who are experts in their product which is only for one year and has a series of documents and procedures that the brand must follow. Upon satisfaction and completion of the paper review work, the Culinary ID is awarded at the city, state, national and international levels, which is termed as very prestigious for any brand in the hospitality industry which is rewarded.
Culinary ID & Listing (2022) is the Asia-wide process that talks about background check and specialty of person, brand or business. Previously, many times due to unavailability or extensive research, information, background, many wrong vendors, people and products served the industry leading to many negative results in the past. The Culinary Identification and Registration process will strengthen the backbone of the industry and provide value for money, verified, researched and most needed products and suppliers through this international process which is expected to become the benchmark in safety, security and quality that our industry needs. .
Better Alkaline Water Days Ahead for India and Asia Hospitality Industry as it Started on Same Day as Food Prep India’s Highly Renowned Catering Brand GAC – Grand Affair Catering has been identified to prepare functional foods using the most popular alkaline water. with (11.5 alkalinity water) for deep cleaning and pesticide removal from vegetables and (9 alkalinity water) was used for cooking and serving purposes. GAC has become the first in India and Asia to officially use water using the parameters of the ACOHI Alkaline Movement and we are delighted to get this honor and opportunity, said GAC President Yogesh Turvankar.
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